Wilderness Walk for 1-8-2012

That guy over there. Don't be that guy. - Doug Pensinger

Your daily Minnesota Wild links and news.

It's day two of the Walk, we are still days away from ratification of the CBA and training camps starting, and I'm already annoyed with hockey fans. OK, to be fair, only some hockey fans. Like the people who ask really dumb questions. Not dumb questions like "Is CORSI a great stat, or the greatest stat?" rather questions like "What is Mikko Koivu's salary cap hit?"

It's a great question, and one you should definitely find out the answer to. Hell, in a game thread, we might even forgive it being asked. However, if you want to know Koivu's cap hit, how about you ask your good Uncle Google. Simple. Easy. Simple and easy. By the way, that result can be found here.

Also, do yourself, and the world, a favor. Don't assume a writer has all the time in the world to answer your questions. While the staff here at Hockey Wilderness generally have nothing better to do with their lives, NHL beat writers do. Before you ask a question, look for the answer.

Please note: If you are a new hockey fan, I might forgive you. Might. But you're on notice.

You are hereby lectured. I apologize. It had to be said. Please fill the comment section with really dumb questions now.

Don't be mad. I still love you. Need proof? Here:


Compose yourself. People are staring.

Must Read

CBA Details from Pierre LeBrun- Good stuff that will answer quite a few questions.

New CBA doesn't hurt Roberto Luongo | Hockey | CBC Sports - Have you read about "cap recapture" in the new CBA? No? You'll want to.

Wild News

At long last, Wild back on home ice | StarTribune.com - Hockey players. On ice. And things.

Dumba invited to Wild training camp; Live chat rescheduled for Tuesday; CBA update | StarTribune.com - Anyone know if Dumba is coming to camp?

Game On, Minnesota: Time for a Wild Training Camp! | The Hockey Writers - Wild training camp. Get it?

Konopka wild about end of NHL lockout | Hockey | Sports | St. Catharines Standard - Wild about end of the lockout. Get it?

The Third Intermission: Aeros fight for point, but lose to Stars in OT - Freaking Stars. I tell ya.

The Third Intermission: Bonus observation from last night in Cedar Park - Bonus? Someone say bonus?

Update: Live Chat canceled. Also news on ratification, schedule | StarTribune.com - Here is an example of the rant that led off the Walk. Look at the time stamp on this, then go look at the @ mentions for Russo. Morons. Learn to read.

Tending the Fields

Orlando Solar Bears RW Ryan Reaves will return to NHL - What no "he couldn't bear the thought of staying" joke?

Orlando signs Lee McClure, loses Josh Caron to AHL recall - hockeyfights.com forums - when the Wild play mostly Aeros, we call them the MN Aeros. When the Aeros played most Solar Bears, they called the the Houston Solar Bears. So... what do we call it when all the Solar Bears get called up?

Solar Bears defeated 3-2 in Fort Wayne - OrlandoSentinel.com - Psh. Losers.

Wild Back On The Ice | - Wild back on the ice. Get it? Wait...

Bouchard "symptom-free," aiming for Opening Night; 18 Wild players on the ice | StarTribune.com - Example two. Guarantee as soon as this was written, there were ten tweets asking about Bouchard.

Off the Trail

NHL lockout over: Remember hockey? Let's review the forgotten 2012 offseason - SBNation.com
Summer 2012 was a long time ago. It's also the last time there was significant non-lockout NHL news.

Winners and losers of the NHL lockout | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Winners - rich people. Losers - not rich people.

Two amnesty clauses means twice the fun | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | theScore.com - Fun for everyone except the guy whose career is about to end. I would guess.

Hitting The Post: Win Back The Fans - The NHL could go to work winning back the fans. Or... they could just ignore you and you will give them your money. I wonder which way they'll go.

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