Noon Number (December 10th) - 78.8

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Wilderness!

Today's number will be a simple one because yesterday (in addition to school and schoolwork) I spent most of the day helping myself and an admin I have gotten to know on a Wild fan page on Facebook (All Things Wild) move on up in the Fox Sports North Who Wore it Best contest rankings.

As of right now, Nate is in the 4th place spot, and I am in the 5th place spot (this could very well have changed by the time you all see this), so we are moving on up!

I want to remind you again that you can continue to vote for me in this contest. Again, on the FS North Facebook page, click on the Who Wore it Best tab at the top of the page, go to my picture (labeled Dan C), and then click on the vote link by it. From there, you will just have to enter a CAPTCHA code, and tada, you've placed a vote for me. Remember, you can do this as much as you like until midnight on Friday the 13th. If Nate and I stay within this top 10, we will both win Wild gear! Thanks for your support!

Long and ranty intro aside, it's time to get to today's number.

Today's number is another special teams related one, the Wild's current penalty kill percentage, 78.8.

This makes them the 24th best in the league, only just a little bit behind the Senators, Blue Jackets, and Hurricanes.

As of late, the Wild's penalty killing has been pretty decent.

In their last game against the Sharks (which as many of you know I attended), they managed to kill all 4 Sharks power plays, and that is saying something against a team that has been playing as well as San Jose.

Furthermore, they have also managed to kill 1 out of 2 Blackhawks power plays last Thursday. The Hawks are a tough team for anyone to play, but I'm very impressed with what our penalty killing units were able to do against the best team in the league.

Our penalty kill left something to be desired at the beginning of this season, but as I said before, they have been on the up and up.

Giving the other team the man-advantage because of a penalty isn't something you want to do often (obviously), but when it does happen, a strong penalty kill is a MUST in order to stop the opposition from getting any scoring chances (as well as of course scoring) when your team is a man short.

If the Wild can keep this up, we will be in for some great times ahead.

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