Noon Number (December 13th): 0.81

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For the last Noon Number of the week, I'm gonna examine Zach Parise's production rates this year to see how they compare to previous seasons.

Zach Parise's first season in Minnesota was a good one. He scored goals and took a lot of shots, showing Wild fans some offensive ability they had not seen since Marian Gaborik left. Something that got lost in all the joy about him playing in Wild colours was the fact that 2012-13 was something of a down year for Parise in terms of production. Now it's not surprising that he would find it harder to score points as regularly without an elite goalscorer like Illya Kovalchuk alongside him, but still, when you've got a guy signed to a contract that pays him $7 million a year until he's 42, you kind of want him to produce at an elite level regardless of who he is playing with and to not show signs of deterioration or decline. That's why I've been watching Parise's production very closely this year to see if he would rebound, or if his production would continue to trend downwards.

-The following graph shows his points per game for each season including this one (click to enlarge):


As you can see, Parise is producing at a higher rate than last year, which is encouraging. He's still nowhere near his peak years of 2008-2010, but hopefully he can continue this upward trend.

-Here is his 5v5 iCorsi per 60 minutes year-by-year. iCorsi refers to his individual shot attempts (goals, shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots):


His even-strength shot attempts are down a little bit this year. During his prime years he was attempting 3-4 more shots per 60 minutes and thus was scoring more.

-Finally, here is his overall Shooting Percentage year-by-year:


He has scored 14 goals so far this year and is on pace for around 35 while shooting at a fairly decent clip. His overall career average is 11.2%, so he is still shooting well below that, especially when you remove the outlier that is the 2010-11 season where he missed almost the entire year through injury from the equation.

These are positive signs that Parise is going to have a much better year than 2012-13. He and Mikko Koivu are in a good rhythm, dominating puck possession so he will have every chance to score a lot of points over the rest of the season.


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Noon Christmas Tune:

Seeing as we're now into December and Christmas is fast approaching, I'll be featuring a different Christmas song in each of the Noon Numbers I write up until the big day.

Your 6th song of the month is from Liverpool's heroes, Half Man Half Biscuit:

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