Minnesota Wild @ San Jose Sharks: Game recap

Thearon W. Henderson

Wild lose 3-1 to the Sharks tonight in spectacular fashion

This was definitely a game Wild fans would like to forget. Instead of re-hashing everything that happened, let's do this discussion style.

The bad:

  • The officiating- Holy moly, this game was out of control. The worst call was the Zenon Konopka 4 minute double minor call. Not only did one of the Sharks players hit their own teammate in the face, but he also hit a Wild player in the face as well. Watching the replay, the ref that called it wasn't even watching the play when it happened, but called it anyway.
  • The PK- Oh man. Three goals on 6 PPs. That really speaks for itself. They did have one fantastic PK in the 3rd where I'm not sure they left the Sharks zone, but that was about it.
  • Justin Fontaine - Mike Yeo talked about how he wanted someone to step up and claim a 2nd line spot today. Fontaine was given the opportunity tonight, and he took it, threw it on the ice and metaphorically stomped on it repeatedly before returning it back to the Wild coaches.
  • Niklas Backstrom - Part of the issue was the team in front of him was falling apart. But as much as I like to give goalies the benefit of the doubt, Backstrom showed why most Wild fans have little confidence in him. It puts the Wild in a tough spot. They can't continue to just play Josh Harding, and they absolutely need to leave Darcy Kueper and Johan Gustofsson in the minor leagues to develop.

The good:

  • Jared Spurgeon - The TANK showed up tonight. In a play to make sure that he continues to be the most under-rated player in the NHL, Spurgeon has been one of the few Wild players that continues to show up, do his job, and have a great game. More players need to learn from his example.
  • The puck possession stats were very close for 5 on 5 play. While it doesn't make this loss feel any better, if the officials had actually called the game on actual penalties instead of made up ones, this could have had a very different outcome.
  • Dany Heatley - As much as he deserves to, he's not going to sit in the press box. But how someone can miss on so many shots consistently is beyond me.

Quotes from the locker room

  • "They are a tough team to play against at home. I think they've drawn the most penalties in the league and they showed it tonight." -Jason Pominville
  • Sometimes it's the way you lose. I think our game was night and day compared to last night in Anaheim" - Jason Pominville
  • "I told him it's not my stick, it's their stick...I don't think I've ever [had a high stick penalty] in this league. Of course they score on it, it's pretty frustrating" -Zenon Konopka
  • "It must be nice to draw penalties like that. When the other team goes stick on puck and you just kind of hold your head...To me that's embarrassing. I guess we have to ask our players to embellish more"- Coach Mike Yeo

Five Questions

1. Bulmer finally gets a call up. Will he make the most of his opportunity? (Courtesy of Joe) Bulmer looked pretty good in his first showing. Personally, I think Haula had better games but that's just me

2. When will the 2nd and third line begin to score? (Courtesy of @poppchaos91) Not tonight, that's for sure

3. The Sharks are coming off a four game losing streak. Can the Wild extend that losing streak to 5? Nope. Thanks to bad officiating and a bunch of bad kills the Wild walk away losers

4. Can the first line respond to an extremely lack-luster game last night? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope.

5. The Wild have been rocketing down the charts when it comes to puck possession. Can they put the brakes up and start gaining some ground again? If you take the PP/PK time out of the equation, the Wild played a great game puck possession wise.

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