Wilderness Walk 12-15-2013: Mile High Victory Edition

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Your Minnesota Wild continue to struggle scoring goals, but manage to sneak out of Denver with a shootout victory over the Avalanche.

Whatever you do folks, do not go to MHH after a Wild in against the Av's. Actually, retract that, do it. The folks over there are pretty good about a little smack talk, sans for one or two of them who just could not get over the fact that a Wild victory gif was posted. All is well though, nobodies feelings were hurt and we all walked out of there with heads held high and limbs and heads attached. Thanks for having us MHH, it was fun.

Any-who, the Wild were able to secure a victory from the jaws of defeat last night off a late deflection goal from Nino Niederreiter and 2 goals in the shootout. So the Wild come home getting just 2 out of 6 points on this road trip for one game against the Vanvouver Canucks on Tuesday before going back out on the road.

On a personal note, I'd like to take this small opportunity to promote the Polar Bear Plunge Minnesota. I'm going to be jumping in some icy cold water this year and am accepting donations for the Special Olympics of Minnesota for this ridiculous feat. Here is a link for my Polar Bear Plunge page if your interested, also a link has been affixed to my signature line if you see me roaming the comment threads. I take the plunge on March 1st and this is my first year, but I have a good team around me and a good cause to do this for, I'm pretty excited about it.

Wild News

Minnesota Wild: late goal sparks shootout win over Avalanche - TwinCities.com
Chad tweeted yesterday that one year ago he graduated college, and remarked on his journey since then. Now he's following a pro hockey team and bringing you last nights gamer. Congratulations Chad, and we're happy to have you here in Minnesota!

Late Niederreiter goal leads to 'character win' for Wild | Star Tribune
Russo's recap of last nights action in Colorado.

Koivu's shootout winner lifts Wild to an important 2-1 victory over Colorado
What day after a game would be complete without The State of Hockey News with their period by period break down of last nights action?

Heatley keeps searching to regain lost scoring touch | Star Tribune
Heatley hasn't even been a shadow of himself this season. One has to wonder how long this can last before he would start seeing time watching the game from the press box.

Wild coach Yeo apologizes for accusing Sharks of embellishment | ProHockeyTalk
I really don't think an apology was necessary, but good for Yeo for being a big boy about it.

Off the Trail

Shawn Thornton suspended 15 games for attack on Brooks Orpik | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Shawn Thornton will sit out for nearly 20% of the season because of stupidity. Too much? Not enough?

Christopher L. Gasper: NHL is losing fight with hypocrisy - Sports - The Boston Globe
These sorts of articles seem to be coming out weekly now. Whenever a team is soured by the culture of fighting in the NHL you can bet your boots someone in their paper has an article ready to go. Any NHL player who says that removing fighting will lead to anarchy on the ice simply needs to look to hockey leagues that don't allow fighting to see why their opinion is completely wrong.

Malkin helped off ice after awkward fall to boards | ProHockeyTalk
Because my fantasy hockey team doesn't have enough injuries already ...

Iginla bounces back after hurting finger in fight vs. Kesler | ProHockeyTalk
Now, I'm no doctor, but fingers are not supposed to bend like that.

Zack Kassian mocks Sam Gagner’s face shield, protecting jaw Kassian broke (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Hate that I laughed at this, it is a little classless after all.

Struggling Leafs clobber surging ‘Hawks 7-3 | ProHockeyTalk
Wow ... Did not see that one coming.

Steven Stamkos is skating again already; hello, Sochi Olympics? (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
A good sign for not only the Canadian Olympic squad but the Tampa Bay Lightning as well. His return is not slated any time soon, but progress is progress.

Two groups interested in owning NHL team in Hartford | Home Ice - SI.com
I get that the NHL wants to expand, and I'm all for bringing back the Whale. Realignment would have to be modified however if you're going to put a new team in Hartford. I say, send the Red Wings back to the West, just to spite them!

NFL studying NHL's centralized replay system - CBSSports.com
More of a football story with a NHL twist. It might be wise and less time consuming for the NFL to take replay away from the refs and their (presumably) single screen method of doing things on the sideline.

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