Wilderness Walk 12-16-2013

Thearon W. Henderson

A day off for the big club and a win for the guys in Iowa. Here are your daily links around the Minnesota Wild and the NHL.

Good morning Wilderness, welcome to your last full week to get your Christmas shopping in order. Of course, if you're not a procrastinator you have already got this done and can sit back and laugh at those of us who haven't started yet. I typically reserve my shopping for the day before because I love the last-minute crowds and the torture of trying to rush through my holiday shopping. If Christmas isn't your thing then you are probably rather annoyed with the larger crowds of bargain shoppers out there when you're just trying to get some batteries.

At any rate, the Wild had Sunday off so not a whole lot of anything coming out of that camp. The Iowa Wild however did something last night they have not been able to do in 6 very long weeks. Enjoy your morning walk folks, I'll catch up with you tomorrow for the game-day edition as we gear up for the Wild and the Canucks at the Xcel Energy Center.

Wild News

First Round Bust: Buffalo Sh*t On A Nickel
Reviewing the Wild's recent struggles Coach Yeo has struggled to come up with a solution. It appears this team needs a healthy dose of Mikael Granlund.

Malmo 2014: Mathew Dumba--Canada's Great Hope?
Team Canada has its heart set on nothing short of 2014 WJHC gold. For that to happen, the Wild's Mathew Dumba will be relied upon as Canada's go-to guy.

Sunday NHL Insider: Economic outlook brightens for NHL | Star Tribune
As the salary cap situation become a bit more clear going into next season, the Wild have better idea of what to expect with some of their kids who will be going into the final year of their entry contracts.

Tending the Fields

Hockey: Iowa Wild stop ghastly home losing streak | The Des Moines Register | desmoinesregister.com
At last, the Iowa Wild can put six painful weeks of Wells Fargo Arena defeats in the rear-view mirror.

The Iowa Wild get rid of some woes of their own in Des Moines.

Off the Trail

Thruway rescue: For a young hockey standout, when a life was threatened, all priorities were clear | syracuse.com
Kevin Shier was focused on a college visit and hockey - until he saw the smoke. An amazing story of an every-day kid put in an extraordinary situation.

NHL director of officiating knows the lonesome road | Star Tribune
It's not easy being a zebra.

NHL Capsules - The Hockey News
Because you're lazy and like your links all-inclusive, here are the recaps from yesterdays NHL action.

Red Wings goalie Petr Mrazek has adorable snowman pads for outdoor game (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy
Awe, ain't they so cute?

Brad Marchand taunts Canucks by kissing Stanley Cup ring finger (Video) | Puck Daddy
If I were a Canucks fan, I would say, "What an A-hole!" Alas, I am not, so I can chuckle at this and not feel bad at all.

NHL Three Stars: Bishop blanks Red Wings; Pouliot beats Flames with ‘The Forsberg’ | Puck Daddy
Man, if we had only held on to that Pouliot guy ....

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