Chatting with the enemy: Round 2

Jonathan Daniel

The much anticipated follow up to our first preview post today

Alright ladies and gentlemen. Jen from SCH and I just killed some time to bring you another round of our chat session. This is basically a roundtable (we tried to get a few other Wild/Blackhawks bloggers to join in, but computer problems were being had all around), where we just started chatting about random things. Hope this gets you through to puck drop. (Yes, it's cheesy)

Most hated team/fanbasejenblackhawks

Jen: St. Louis Blues are the Everest of my hockey hatred. Their fans can fit in the same category

Em: I can get down with the Blue hate. For me, I hate them, but I'm not sure the rest of the fanbase does. Fans do Edmonton fans take the cake. I've found a few that I can hold decent conversations with, butif there was ever a fanbase that deserved the team they cheer for...heeeeeeello EDM

Jen: I think Winnipeg's fans are making a nice push into this category but they aren't quite there yet. I have a few twitter peeps who are oil fans and they are mainly just depressed

Em: You must have the nice ones then. The mean ones typically wish death upon when you point out their team sucks

Jen: yikes. I also really dislike the coyotes but I have no real feelings about their fans. Mike Smith is such a ridiculous figure

Em: That man deserves an oscar

Jen: I call him oscar for acting and for the grouch who lives in a trash can

What about goal celebrations? too excessive?

Em: I love goal celebrations. I'm actually really upset that Zach Parise is trying to get the Wild not to do them. Or even the fly-by high fives

Jen: me too. Blues tried to ban the bench fly by and I thought it was stupid. The game is supposed to be fun, entertaining, exciting. This is part of it. NO GOAL CELEBRATIONS MAKE PATRICK KANE A DULL BOY

Em: Here's the thing. Goal celebrations are a way make fans feel like they are part of the game. They crowd is cheering, and for those 5-10 seconds that the team is pumped up and excited, they are cheering along with the crowd. Not to mention, if your pumped up, the team will be pumped up. Adrenaline goes a long way in sports

Jen: I agree. shared triumph, excitement. Like the Habs fans that sing ole ole ole after a goal.I fully support any and all celebrations. I don't care how over the top they are.

Em: ugh Habs fans. But I do like that tradition. Hockey is all about tradition. LET TRADTION STAND

Outside of your teams players who is your favorite NHLer?

Jen: probably PK Subban

Em: Get out.

Jen: I love that kid.

Em: Just when I thought we could be friends too

Jen: sorry. i love his attitude and his love for the game. i have a lot of players that I really like but saying crosby and malkin is boring

Em: I think I wouldn't mind him if Habs fans weren't all "OMG PK IS THE BEST/OMG PK IS THE WORST" all the time. Make up your damn minds

Jen: sounds like hawks fans with Seabrook and Keith

Em: That's the wrost thing about fans. No matter what fanbase you have, there is always the crazy group who think they know everything there is to know, and that specfic players suck because they say so

Jen: Like half of my TL that I'm close to unfollowing

Em:And then those fans are the ones that everyone thinks represent the team. And you're left going "wait. There are SMART fans. Don't listen to these whackjobs! They don't know what's going on!"

Jen: That's why I love doing the meatball tweets all the time. they are so bad. I cringe every time I see "Sedin sisters" and "that french bitch Roussel"

Em: Oy. we're thinking about doing a feature called "Unstable Wild fan of the week"

Jen: That would be awesome. In the state of hockey I'm sure you have some legit nuts

Em: you have no idea. The beat writers have it the worst, but the things that I see RT into my timeline sometimes make me embarrassed

Jen: blah I keep trying to pare mine down so I can avoid it

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of tonights game

Em: who do you think wins?

Jen: uhhhhh. I'm leaning toward the Wild given our ridiculous situation with forwards being hurt


Em: I mean, excellent. That would work very well for the home team

Jen: hahaha. I would rather the Hawks win of course and really wouldn't expect them to drop 2 games in a row after the lack of focus early in last game

Em: I saw that Versteeg is centering Saad and Kaner (yay kaner!!) tonight. Not a fan of that (as a Kaner fan anyway)

Jen: Versteeg did really well at the faceoff dot the last few games. I'm guessing Q is going to ride that line for about 3 shifts before it gets blended


Oh Q's blender. Wild fans who want Yeo to be better about line changes need to take a look at Hawks fans. IT IS NOT GOOD

Jen: it makes me crazy. Kane-Pirri-Saad was killing it and boom see ya

Em:I'm making my prediction. Wild win 4-2, goals from Parise, Pominville, Coyle and Suter for MN, one goal per Kaner, one goal per Sharp.

Jen: the second will be a very handsome goal

Em: A very handsome goal indeed.

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