Wild @ Canucks wrap up: What was that?! edition

Rich Lam

Oh hey, the Wild lost in Vancouver again

Another late night turns into another lose in Vancouver for the Minnesota Wild. No matter how much they stepped on the gas during the third period, it was the same storyline all over again; No pucks in the net. At this point I’m not even sure what the Wild could do to improve other than shoot the puck, and that horse has been beaten dead so many times it’s barely worth bringing up anymore.

Bright points of the game-

The rookies really shined. Darcy Kuemper looked really good, and the goals the Nucks did score weren’t on his shoulders. Jonas Brodin, at this point, is fighting with Jared Spurgeon for top defender on the team. Coyle made some great plays, and even made Zach Kassian look like a fool. Granlund is getting back towards the Finnish Baby Jesus status he was given before he even stepped foot on American soil.

Having Spurgeon back in the game makes you realize how much the team really needs him. Every time he was on the ice he was busting his but back and forth and doing everything that could have possible been asked of him and more. He’s like the Zach Parise of defensemen, always working but can also skate backwards.

Devin Setoguchi made a great goal in the 2nd to keep the Wild in the game. He worked well with Matt Cullen and Mikael Granlund, both of whom played a major role on that goal.

Not so bright points-

The Wild use to have a really tough top line to beat, maybe even the toughest. Suddenly that line (along with just about every forward line, has just disappeared.

Justin Falk and Clayton Stoner were sub-par as usual. Frankly, everyone who wasn’t mentioned in the bright spots played a sub-par game in some way.

Five Questions:

  1. How does Kuemper look in his debut? He looked pretty damn good. A few jitters, but he never really looked out of place.
  2. Anyone in a white sweater care to, you know, play hockey? The rookies and Spurgeon.
  3. Is there a savior in the building? If there was, Luongo wouldn’t be stuck with this crazy ass team
  4. Can the top line get on the board? Nope
  5. Anyone care to show some emotion? Anything? I think some Wild fans may have broken their TVs tonight, does that count?
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