Wilderness Walk 2-24-2013: Sunday Hangover Edition


The Wild suffer a loss last night in Calgary, winning streak snapped after just 2 games.

Good morning WILDerness, and what a beautiful morning it is! The sun is out, and theirs a dammed crow screaming outside my window. The Wild had their 2-game winning streak snapped last night at the hands of the Calgary Flames. Well, I wouldn't really give the Flames credit so much as I would give the Wild's lack of offensive prowess. The game opened up well and good, and the Wild scored their first 1st period goal in seemingly forever. After that, the goals ceased to exist for the Wild, even though they out-shot the Flames 31-27.

Next up for the Wild, the Calgary Flames make the trip to Minnesota for a Tuesday night match-up at the X. Lets hope they figure out how to put a few more pucks in the net in front of the home crowd. So, anyone ready for the links?

Wild News

Wild a little nonchalant in 3-1 road loss to Calgary | State of Hockey News
Period by period break down of last nights game.

In a very Wild-like way, Minnesota blows chance to win third straight game | StarTribune.com
I was unaware the Wild had their very own "way".

Wild offense absent in loss to Flames | StarTribune.com
But really, we've been spoiled lately with all the multi-goal games.

Charley Walters: Zach Parise still sees Minnesota Wild as playoff team - TwinCities.com
Since signing his celebrated $98 million contract with the home-state Wild, Zach Parise has played in 16 games. He says the experience has been what he hoped it would be.

Mikko Koivu Should Be Scoring More For Minnesota Wild | RantSports.com
Or, you know .... anyone on the Wild.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter stepping up his game - TwinCities.com
After a slow start he's starting to move. I'd still like to see him shoot more and be quicker about it sometimes.

Tending the Fields

Houston edges OKC Barons 2-1 | News OK
Aeros get a little retribution for their last loss against the Barons.

Graovac, Zharkov two goals each as the Bulls extend win streak to eight games - Yahoo! Sports Canada

Wild prospect nets 2 goals in a single game? Perhaps this game tape should be reviewed so the Wild can see how its done.

Off the Trail

Russo's NHL Insider: We haven't seen the last of Lindy Ruff | StarTribune.com

We saw the leagues longest tenured coach get the axe this week. Russo talks about his rise and fall in Buffalo.

NHL’s four-conference realignment proposal; Wings go East, seven-team conferences go West | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
I'm fine with this, whatever get Vancouver, Calgary, and that other Canadian team out of our division.

Mike Eruzione’s ‘Miracle on Ice’ jersey sells for $657,250 at auction | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Could buy a lot of hockey sticks now ....

NHL 3 Stars: Ovechkin breaks hat trick slump; shutouts for Nabokov, Howard, Price | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
My cat, doing what he does best.

It appears we have our 2014 Winter Classic sweaters | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | theScore.com
If these two crappy teams can have a Winter Classic ...

Rangers put Rick Nash on IR with what’s probably a concussion | ProHockeyTalk

I do not like teams being "secretive" with concussions.

Watch KHL goalie Matt Dalton get ejected for slashing opponent in groin (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
oy vey!

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