Wild @ Oilers: Post game- Thanks for all the points EDM!

Derek Leung

Wild win 5-3

The Wild visited Edmonton tonight for the very last time as division rivals. Apparently the Wild wanted to make sure that Edmonton knew just how much the Wild would miss Oilers, mostly as a sure fire 2 pts guarantee for the good guys in red, green and white.

Kyle Brodziak scored within a minute of puck drop.

Clayton Stoner got an assist off a deflection on a Charlie Coyle goal at the beginning of the second.

Mikael Granlund got on the scoreboard after being reassigned and then recalled in a three hour or so span.

Zach Parise got the eventual game winner and ended his goal drought.

Brodziak got the last goal for the Wild, notching his first 2 goal game since December 2011.

Jason Pominville got 2 assists. What a horrible trade with Buffalo that was.

Niklas Backstrom had a decent night in goal, and improved his record against Edmonton to 25-3-1. The first Oilers goal wasn't really on him, how is a goalie supposed to follow the puck through someones jersey?

A nice note from the Wild PR department to wrap this short post game up. The Wild are 4th in the Western Conference when it comes to wins. Only Chicago, Anaheim and LA have more wins than the Wild.

1. Everyone is talking about how the Oilers will be nominated now that their front office has played musical chairs again. Are they motivated to TANK? They tried to deny it, but after their SIXTH lose in a row...Oil is tanking hard.

2. Taylor Hall is Minnesota's most hated manboy when it comes to hockey. Does he keep his anger issue in check tonight? Haha...he did. And at the end hid behind his entire team in case the big bad Wild players came after him

3. Does Cal take his vengeance by scoring multiple points tonight? No points for Cal tonight. But he did pass up an opportunity to absolutely level Hall, and man am I proud of him.

4. Mike Yeo's 4 lines looked pretty spectacular last night. How do they look tonight? Can we keep them Yeo? Pretty pretty please? We'll feed them and take them for walks and make sure they get their sleep OH PLEASE CAN WE KEEP THEM?!?!

5. We all saw how bad the team looked when Ryan Suter was put on the bench for the last 2 minutes to rest last night. How is he looking tonight? Suter looked great. Hopefully he's rest as much as possible so it doesn't get re-agitated.

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