Mike Yeo has Wild on the right track: Friday Morning Reading


Is Mike Yeo the answer for the Minnesota Wild? Was he the answer no matter what?

First off, I don't spend a lot of time reading Hockey Buzz, for obvious reasons, but this story came across my twitter feed the other day and I have to admit, that it caught my attention, which is tough because of my ADHD. However, it was one of the sillier things that I have read in the past month. Seriously! Read it for yourself.

Brad Ratgen, Hockey Buzz - Then, I'm hearing that Owner Craig Leipold's trip up to the GM's box in the press box involved slamming of doors, yelling, swearing and Fletcher exiting the GM's box for the remainder of the game.

Speculation as to Yeo's job being on the line and dependent on the outcome of tonight's game/the Wild's playoff fortunes is running rampant on Twitter.

These are signs of a team on the verge of imploding. Missing out on the opportunity to return to the playoffs after playing lights out in March would be absolutely epic. Fans of every other NHL team are mocking the Wild for spending all their money on 2 guys and still not being able to get the job done. All the while, the Columbus Blue Jackets are becoming the darlings of the NHL and the only thing standing in their way are the Minnesota Wild.

Since the story came from Hockey Buzz, I have to be skeptical. I also have a hard time believing that a GM and an owner of a NHL team would be airing their differences in the press box during a regionally televised hockey game and Hockey Buzz is the only place that I have read about the incident. I am not saying that it didn't happen, but having been to the press box of the Xcel Energy Center, on a few occasions and I have sat in the end that the owner's box is in, if this happened; you would've thought that others would have been talking about this incident.

Checking Michael Russo's blog, it appears that Brad reads Russo's Rant's like the rest of us.

But I digress.

But that does bring up a really good question. Fortunately, the owners of the Minnesota Wild never had to go there and we will never actually know if they would've fired head coach Mike Yeo if the Minnesota Wild if had lost their final game of the season. Obviously, the Minnesota Wild won their final game and made the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I think the season can be seen as being relatively successful.

I am actually relieved that they made the playoffs and the ownership group didn't have to make the decision. I am a big fan of Mike Yeo and I think he's a good hockey coach and is doing a good job as coach of the Minnesota Wild. I am not saying he's perfect, but he's more than able.

In my opinion, the Minnesota Wild are being built for the future through trades, with a core of star players, but also through the draft with players like Jason Zucker, Charlie Coyle, Matt Dumba, Jonas Brodin, Mikael Granlund.

Better days are on the way.

Whatever happens in the playoffs this year is a bonus. If the Wild get a few breaks they can experience some success, but let's not lose sight of the big picture, the Minnesota Wild are building for the future and that future is very bright.

I am not saying that the Minnesota Wild ownership wouldn't have fired the coaching staff if they had missed the playoff; but why? Why would you fire a head coach that has his team moving in the right direction and that is very close to taking the next step in being a very good hockey team? The Minnesota Wild are close to being a very good hockey team, for a very long time, based on the make-up of their current roster and the young players that the Wild have in their farm system. We just need to have patience.

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