MN Wild Game 4 Preview: Retry

Let's try this one more time..

As you may know this is the second time I am writing this post because it was supposedly bigotry by saying a certain phrase that I meant no harm by in the way it was taken by some people. But that isn't the real issue. The real issue is which team will show up tonight? The strong, fast and aggressive team we saw last game?



Or will we see this one...?



Let's hope not.

Obviously, the Wild brought a different type of physicality and speed to their game on Sunday afternoon that kept the Blackhawks trailing the most of the game.

Let's just remember that the Chicago Blackhawks were eliminated by a team that will be eliminated by its own city any day now.



Even coming from a Wild fan.. That is pretty damn embarrassing.

It seems as if Jason Pominville won't be playing again tonight as a result of Dustin Brown.

"Wow Shanahan hates Minnesota. Dustin Brown should have been suspended until next season." Said every ridiculous Wild fan.



Cue Dustin Brown dumbfounded reaction

But it's going to be okay because I have stumbled upon a gem of a Jason Pominville picture.



Never change young Jason Pominville, never change.

Five coaching tactics to follow:

1. Don't play Stoner

2. Put Parise and Suter on every line

3. Injure Duncan Keith

4. Tell Patrick Kane there is a taxi cab driver outside that says he owes him money.



5. Make sure Mike Rupp scores a hat trick

Game 4 Prediction:

Mike Rupp opens up the scoring by beating Crawford five hole from the Wild's own blue line. Harding then dumps the puck on a penalty kill and it beats Crawford upper left after it bounces on the ice. And here comes the Crawford of old! Of course it's a two goal lead so the Wild have to give it up as Clayton Stoner makes Patrick Kane look like a halfway decent player and gets burned only for the fifth time in the game. Duncan Keith then runs into Harding and tosses the puck into the net. There was a power outage at the Xcel "Energy" Center and the refs do not see the play occur, but still call it a goal. 14 minutes and 12 seconds into the THIRD overtime of this damn series, Mike Rupp goes through the entire Blackhawks roster and beats Crawford his second of the game. This is Mike Rupps first two goal playoff game and he ties the series for the Wild.

Cue the Mike Rupp memes!

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