This was a successful season

Well, its over. Wild are booking their tee times, licking their wounds, spending time with with family and all that crap. But, despite only winning 1 game in the post season, this was a very successful season for the Wild. Why? Well, I'll tell you, and you will agree with me because its true.

1: We did better then Vancouver in the Playoffs (that alone is great). That means, in the last season the Northwest Division existed, the Minnesota Wild lasted the longest, against the best team in the NHL to beat. That means we are the best in the Northwest... or something.

2: Speaking of last season of the Northwest, we never have to hear "division rival Edmonton Oilers" again. We made it though, and only one cheap shot came out of it. That's a success, considering how bad it could have been (Playing CheapshotHall 5 times).

3: The rookies have been shown to the world, and the world was impressed. 95% of fan bases say we should have had the rookie of the year on the team. Announcers have a hard on for Coyel's play and Zucker's Speed. And whats even better? We still have Granlund and Kuemper to show next year, and Dumba perhaps in two years. Oh, and we have some guy named Bulmer, Graovac, Haula, and many more stashed I no not where. Ya, we still have much to show.

4: We proved we didn't make a huge fuck up last 4th of July. #suterfornoris. And Zach hasn't been bad either, enthralling the fan base with insane work ethic and a nose for the net. 18 goals in the regular season, 20 assists for 38 points. Double that for a normal regular season, and your looking at a guy that has shown he could be the first 40 goal scorer the Wild have had in a long time. Ya, we sure over paid for them, right? Bet New Jersey thinks that now.

5: We have our foundation. We have proven that. This team will (should) not change much over the next 5 years, and are going to be good. Look out NHL, here come the Wild.

6: Fuck Norm Green

7: We made the god damn playoffs (And did better then Vancouver). After 5 years, we finally made the playoffs again (And did better then Vancouver). We showed we can at least hang with the best team in the world. (And did better then Vancouver)

Ya, I would call this a Successful season and one to build off of for years to come. Thank you Minnesota Wild, for the great and fantastic season.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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