Noon Number for 08-28-2013: 29

Jason Pominville will now be scouted by Team USA. Does he have a chance to make the Olympic roster? - USA TODAY Sports

David Poile gave me permission to look at one more Olympic hopeful for the Wild.

So, among the bigger snubs for Team USA's Olympic Evaluation Camp was Jason Pominville. Nashville Predators and Team USA GM David Poile said as much on Monday, saying that Jason was overlooked, and will not be overlooked from this point forward. Let's take this statement as an opportunity- an opportunity for Pominville to make the roster, and for me to put out another Noon Number.

World Championships

Despite having dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, Pom Pom has not had too much international tournament experience. In fact, I can find only one. The 2008 World Championships, where he played with current Wild(s?) Zach Parise and Keith Ballard, as well as former Wild(s?) Tom Gilbert and Patrick O'Sullivan. That team is best remembered for... not a lot. And Pominville gave a merely OK performance. He notched a goal and assist against Canada in the Preliminary Round, which is good. But in the six other games, he only scored a goal and two assists, and those were against Germany and Slovenia. Very meh. That team, as you'd have read in the Parise Noon Number, was bounced in the quarterfinal by Finland due to Mikko Koivu's OT-winner, and did not play for any medal.

Outlook for Sochi

Jason Pominville's almost complete lack of high-level international experience is a mark against him. While he has been "put back on the board", by Poile, it's hard to look at him being snubbed in the first place and feel that he is a significant contender. In my mind, the only way Pominville makes it to the Olympics is (barring a rash of injuries) by showing Sedin-like chemistry with Team USA lock Parise, so that Poile couldn't imagine Parise succeeding without Pominville. That's gonna be hard to do.

Of course, not that I would suggest lawbreaking, but perhaps if Pominville could snag about $98 million dollars worth of merchandise that "fell off the back of a truck", and just perhaps, you know, "accidentally" leave it lying around the Nashville Predators blue line, then perhaps we'll see Jason Pominville will sport the red, white, and blue.

But come on, who'd be unscrupulous enough to steal Ryan Suter, amirite?

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