Why Will The Torrey Mitchell- Kyle Brodziak- Matt Cooke Line Will Be Very Tough To Play Against In 2013- 2014

Look guys, I know in my line projections was that I put Mitchy with Zucks and Coys on my line, but from what I've read on StarTribune and seen from the start of training camp, it seems that Cookie, Brodzi, and Mitchy will be a very good fit. But here's why I think the Torrey Mitchell- Kyle Brodziak- Matt Cooke line will be a great shut-down line in this season.

Apart from Torrey Mitchell and Matt Cooke, we're gonna see that Kyle Brodziak is hoping to have a good bounce back season from his disappointing 2012-2013 season. Last year Brodziak only managed to score 8 goals and 4 assists. But you can't blame him for that, he did had a tough time from the start of training camp last year by being sick with pneumonia last winter, lost 15 pounds and "the energy level", obviously, wasn’t there. Now I know there's no such thing as excuses in the NHL, but you can say that being sick can affect your performance level throughout a season, and that's what happened to Brodziak. He doesn't need to apologize for that.

But let's move on to this year. I know that we're gonna expect a lot from Brodziak, he is a role player. Even the Wild head coach Mike Yeo quoted from StarTribune "Now, are we hoping for a little bit more? For sure we are, there’s no question. He has a huge role on our team, I think he looks great, he’s really taken care of himself and the biggest thing for him and for us right now is just making sure his confidence is high."

Brodziak spend this off-season regrouping, and trying to put his bad season behind him. I got the chance to meet him during August, and he looked recharged and healthy, but let me just say meeting Kyle Brodziak was the best moment of my life. But anyway, it's no doubt that he'll be playing a huge role and be successful in that role. I quoted from StarTribune with Brodziak saying "It’ll be nice to get back to a little bit more of a normal schedule. If you feel your game has dropped off, at least there will be some practice time to build it back up. That’s the same for the team. We’re going to have a lot more time to dial in where we need to be and where we want to be to be a good team." All I got to say is good luck to you Brodzi.

Moving to Matt Cooke. The Wild signed 35-year-old agitator Cooke to a three-year contract in the summer. Now there's no question that Cooke will be a role player in this season. Now come on let's be real, we're talking about Matt Cooke here. He'll still be physical, a pest, and someone who will give you headaches. But he's not going to be anything like he was in his past, he won't, I hope. He'll be able to contribute offensively, and bring physical defensive play that will thrive a shutdown role for the Wild.

He's an excellent penalty killer that will give the team a good break. I mean in his days with the Pittsburgh Penguins, in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Matt Cooke, Tyler Kennedy, and Jordan Staal was very valuable that led them on the road to the 2009 Stanley Cup.

The thing that Brodziak noticed about Cooke was his speed. They played on a line with Torrey Mitchell in Friday’s scrimmage, the line buzzed and Brodziak scored a goal. But during the training camp scrimmage, Yeo said that the line spend a lot of time in the offensive zone creating scoring chances, and while back on defense, they were good defensively, and playing good physically. Another quote from Brodziak from StarTribune "[Cooke’s] a very fast skater," Brodziak said. "Obviously, everybody knows he can be a pretty good agitator, he’s going to play physical. He’s a smart player. We’re going to be a tough line to play against." They're both capable of skating, playing a good physical game, both are smart players in their game, and can be a very effective line whoever they play against.

So I say that Cooke is gonna have a good impact year where he'll be effective, and give the defensive players a good break as well.

And Torrey Mitchell is just there for his speed and his gritty play. He's a well-rounded, two-way player that would thrive in a shutdown role for the Wild. Mitchy and Cookie will bring speed that will intimidate opposing players along with Brodzi's mobile big size, and speed as well. And will bring secondary scoring that will benefit the Wild. But Mitchell will be a role player as well if he gets paired with Brodziak and Cooke during the season, and maybe in the playoffs (if we get there).

So fans I think this line will be very fun to watch, but expect plenty of physicality and offensive zone time.

Thanks for reading guys :D.

Now October needs to come!!!

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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