Guillaume Latendresse joins RDS as a hockey analyst and commentator

Still my favorite photo of Latendresse. Nom nom nom. - Bruce Bennett

Former Wild fan-favorite Guillaume Latendresse has decided to trade his skates for a microphone, as he joins Quebec's top sports channel, RDS.

Guillaume Latendresse hasn't played for the Wild since 2011-2012, but a lot of us still miss what he brought to the table. This is why I thought this would pique your interest: Guillaume Latendresse has decided to become an analyst for RDS, better known here as TSN's french twin. Our more recent readers may not know that's I've translated a few interviews Latendresse and Pierre-Marc Bouchard made with the guys at l'Antichambre, one of RDS's post-game shows. Christian D'Aoust of RDS has graciously sent me the press release for the Latendresse news and he's given me the green light to go ahead and translate it for you, so here's the original French version:

Guillaume Latendresse se joint à l'équipe de RDS

MONTRÉAL, 17 janvier 2014 – RDS est heureux d’annoncer que Guillaume Latendresse, ex-joueur des Canadiens de Montréal ayant évolué dans la Ligue nationale de hockey (LNH) durant sept saisons jusqu’à maintenant, se joint à l’équipe de RDS à titre de commentateur et analyste.

Les téléspectateurs de RDS auront la chance de retrouver Guillaume Latendresse dans le cadre des émissions L’ANTICHAMBRE et HOCKEY 360, ainsi que lors des émissions spéciales du service de l’Information reliées au hockey de la LNH. Il agira également à titre d’analyste lors de différentes parties de la LNH diffusées sur RDS.

" Nous sommes très fiers que Guillaume ait choisi de partager sa vision du hockey avec les téléspectateurs de RDS " a déclaré Charles Perreault, vice-président Information de RDS. " Sa personnalité, sa facilité à s’exprimer et son expérience de la LNH encore toute récente en feront un parfait complément à la solide équipe d’experts déjà en place chez RDS ".

" Je suis très heureux de me joindre à l’équipe de RDS et j’ai particulièrement hâte de partager mes opinions et mon expérience avec les fidèles amateurs de hockey de la chaîne sportive no.1 au Québec " a indiqué Guillaume Latendresse. " Alors que les blessures m’ont éloigné des glaces de la LNH, RDS me propose une autre façon de vivre ma passion et je compte bien en profiter pour donner le meilleur de moi-même aux téléspectateurs "

Réclamé en 2e ronde (45e au total) par les Canadiens de Montréal lors du repêchage de la LNH de 2005, Guillaume Latendresse s’est aligné avec le club montréalais durant quatre saisons (de 2006 à 2009) en plus d’avoir porté l’uniforme du Wild du Minnesota et des Sénateurs d’Ottawa. Il a joué un rôle de premier plan avec les Voltigeurs de Drummondville de la LHJMQ durant ses trois saisons passées au niveau junior en plus de faire partie d’Équipe Canada lors du Championnat du monde des moins de 18 ans en 2005.

– RDS –

Now here is my translation:

Guillaume Latendresse joins RDS as an analyst

Montreal, January 17, 2014 - RDS is proud to announce that former Montreal Canadiens player Guillaume Latendresse, who has played 7 seasons in the NHL thus far, has been added to the RDS team as a commentator and an analyst.

The RDS viewership will be able to see Guillaume Latendresse on L'Antichambre and Hockey 360, as well as on special shows during which he will give information about NHL hockey. He will also be an analyst during various NHL broadcasts on RDS.

"We are glad that Guillaume has accepted to share his hockey knowledge with the RDS viewers" declared Charles Perreault, Vice-President of news, information and RDS info at RDS. "His personality, eloquence and fresh NHL experience will complement the solid group of experts already at RDS perfectly."

"I am very happy to join the RDS team and I am particularly excited to be able to share my opinions and my experiences with the loyal hockey fans of Quebec's number one sports channel" said Guillaume Latendresse. "While injuries have kept me away from NHL ice, RDS gave me a new way to (follow my passion and I intend to take advantage of this opportunity so that I can give my all to the viewers."

A second round draft pick (45th overall) of the Montreal Canadiens, Guillaume Latendresse played for the Montreal-based team for four seasons (2006-2009) and also laced the skates for the Minnesota Wild and the Ottawa Senators. He was a key player for the Drummondville Voltigeurs during his three-year junior career in the QMJHL and played for Team Canada at the IIHF World U-18 Championships in 2005.

- RDS -

A few quick notes:

- This probably ends Guillaume Latendresse's NHL career, after being released from a tryout with the Phoenix Coyotes during the preseason and a brief stint with the Zurich Lions. RDS doesn't seem to count him out just yet, as evidenced by the ''7 seasons thus far'' remark.

- Latendresse's concussion history has been an eye-opener for a lot of us and he had some very interesting insight on the matter. I'm currently translating his last interview with l'Antichambre, but you can see my other translations here (1st part of 1st interview), here (2nd part of 1st interview), here (3rd part of 1st interview) and here(2nd interview). I also translated a 2-part Pierre-Marc Bouchard interview. (Part 1, Part 2). A lot of absolute must-read stuff about concussions and treatment.

- I want to thank, once again, Christian D'Aoust, producer at RDS, as well as the entire RDS team for their brillant, original content and for giving me the O.K. to share it with the Wilderness over the years. Latendresse and Bouchard have given insight that we simply would not have seen from them during an English interview and our readership has enjoyed reading it.

- I still have a year and a half left in my translation program, so I'm far from perfect. However, after reading my earlier translations, I have definitely improved! The important thing though is that everyone understands what was conveyed, and I've at least done this right.

What are your thoughts, Wilderness?

On behalf of the members and readers of Hockey Wilderness, I would like to thank RDS and everyone at L'Antichambre, the source for the exclusive interviews and the press release. These were translated by me, Jean-Sébastien Landry, with exclusive, written permission from RDS and will be posted on Hockey Wilderness ONLY. A special thank you as well to RDS producer Christian D'Aoust for sending me the press release. /// Au nom de tous les membres et les lecteurs de Hockey Wilderness, j'aimerais remercier RDS et l'équipe de l'Antichambre, la source de ces entrevues et du communiqué. Ces traductions sont rédigées par moi, Jean-Sébastien Landry, avec la permission écrite et exclusive de RDS et sera affiché sur Hockey Wilderness SEULEMENT. Un merci spécial aussi à Christian D'Aoust, producteur à RDS, pour m'avoir envoyé ce communiqué.

You can follow RDS and L'Antichambre by going to their Facebook page or their Twitter page. You can also visit RDS's website here.

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