Master Post: The "Who Knew All These People Talked About Women's Hockey?" Edition

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So the Olympics are over and now you must be wondering, "Well, how the heck am I going to keep track of all these players now?" Have no fear -- the resource you've been waiting for is here. Kind of. (This is by no means an exhaustive list -- just a starter. Names and Twitter handles will be added and removed when necessary.)

So I spent the better part of a week wondering how I was to get so many Twitter handles and Web sites in one place. After all, contrary to popular belief, there are tons of places you can get news about women's hockey -- it's just that they all take a bit of searching to find. But here it is -- the beginnings of an all-you-can-follow resource for everything women's puck.

Feast your eyes and your mice. If you have any additions, please let me know in the comments -- as noted above, this list is not the be-all, end-all of a resource, so add everything you can.

**National team designation is noted after Twitter handle.**


@WomensSportsFdn -- Women's Sports Foundation

@bhawksfanjen -- Jen LC, a writer at Second City Hockey who specializes in advanced stats for both men's and women's hockey

@gabfun -- Gabriella Fundaro over at The Hockey Writers, who analyzes IIHF and college women's hockey

@SBaickerCSN -- Sarah Baicker at Comcast Sports Network, who plays and advocates

@CassieCampbell -- Cassie Campbell, Hockey Night in Canada

@WHLBuzz-- Women's Hockey Buzz

@whockeystats -- Women's Hockey Stats

@LivetheDreamWHL -- Women's Hockey Life

@WatchThisHockey -- Watch This, a blog focusing on women's hockey news

@AJMleczko -- AJ Mleczko Griswold, one of the 1998 gold medalists for Team USA and an analyst during the Olympics

@evrythngwmnshky --

@FirstLineHockey --

@NicoleHaase -- Nicole Haase, women's hockey writer at Bucky's Fifth Quarter


(Check out my Team USA player profiles for a full list of Twitter handles.)

@kbstone9 -- Katey Stone, Team USA's coach

@HC_Women -- Team Canada (@HC_feminin -- en Francais)

@HC_WWHC -- World Women's Hockey Championship

@4NationsCup -- Four Nations Cup


@IH4Girls -- Ice Hockey for Girls, an all-UK resource


@schellingf-- Florence Schelling, goalie, Team Switzerland

@Nooraty41 -- Noora Raty, goalie, Team Finland

@MiraJalosuo -- Mira Jalosuo, defense, Team Finland

@meeriraisanen -- Meeri Raisanen, goalie, Team Finland



@cwhl_insider -- official CWHL Twitter

@ClarksonCup-- official Clarkson Cup Twitter

@OchoCahow -- Caitlin Cahow, part of the Board of Directors

@KrisLipscombe -- Kristen Lipscombe, CWHL Communications

@hockeyhaleigh -- Haleigh Callison, alumna (unspecified team)

@BostonCWHL -- Boston Blades

@TorontoCWHL -- Toronto Furies

@BramptonCWHL -- Brampton Thunder

@MontrealCWHL --Montreal Stars

@InfernoCWHL -- Calgary Inferno


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