Stanley Cup Playoffs: #AnyoneButThem

Hannah Foslien

Here's a fun list of why you should cheer for the Wild over the Avs in round one

The second season is upon hockey fans, and after a five year drought the Minnesota Wild will make an appearance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the second year in a row. Not everyone is as lucky as Wild fans, so to kickoff our playoff coverage we're reaching out to fans of teams who didn't make the playoffs. Come join our bandwagon, there's room for everyone!

Reasons to cheer for the Minnesota Wild over the Colorado Avalanche:

  • Because Fuck Varlamov. Seriously. (Big love to @theactivestick for that suggestion)
  • Also, Patrick Roy. The guy is a great goaltender, but he's also a well-documented jerk. Who also hit his wife.
  • Fun fact: The Wild sent Patrick Roy into retirement. Andrew Brunette, the only guy who could probably give Dany Heatley a run for his money in slowest guy in a Wild jersey, actually

  • Adrian Dater. Is there anyone outside of Avs fans who actually enjoy his writing/tweets? Talk about a homer, and not even a good one at that.
  • Cody McLeod- Good for absolutely nothing other than being a bully and jerk on the ice. Worried about a player giving a dirty hit in a game? Watch out for this guy.
  • Minnesota is THE State of Hockey- How can you cheer against a team from a state that regularly has over 19,000 people fill up an NHL arena for a HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY TOURNAMENT.
  • Mike Yeo reminds everyone of their favorite high school teacher.
  • Minnesota is practically Canada, except the pro hockey team here actually made the playoffs (Habs the lone exception).
  • #whynotus has to be the dumbest hashtag ever invented
  • Avs fans are so annoying. Most of the fanbase is acting as though they've won the Cup already.
  • Seriously, who isn't over Patrick Roy's Stanley Cup rings in his ears already.
  • Mikael Granlund is practically Teemu Selanne's younger brother. Cheering against Granlund is like cheering against Teemu.
  • Speaking of Teemu, Avs fans actually hate him. Seriously.
  • Josh Harding deserves a chance at the Stanley Cup more than anyone else. How can you cheer against him?

This is somewhat light-hearted list, but feel free to make your own suggestions! We'll be adding more reasons to hate the Avs as the week goes on. Get your troll on Wild fans, #BecauseItsTheCup!

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