Wilderness Walk: #WHYUS? Edition

The Wild suffered a disappointing loss at Nathan MacKinnon's (oh, and the Avs') hands. - Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I guess you could say...that was ICING on the wound.

Just in case your new to Minnesota sports, welcome to Minnesota sports.

By the off-chance that any ostriches are reading this, the good guys lost last night. Spectacularly.

From a confident Marco Scandella literally jumping over opposing defensemen (and almost subsequently leading to the O'Reilly goal) to everyone but Clayton Stoner pulling a #Stoner2Hossa, you can't say the game wasn't entertaining. And boy, was that third period entertaining in the most masochistic Minnesotan of ways.

In the Wild's defense, they had everything going against them (from a Minnesotan perspective):

  • Holding a two goal lead going into the third.
  • Going an entire two and a half periods without a terribad Spurgeon pass that results in a goal against.
  • Having the opposing team start a back-up goaltender.
  • Nathan MacKinnon.
  • Momentum.
  • Prosser (even though he had a strong game) dressed instead of Blum.
  • Ryan Suter only played half of the game.
  • Pushing the net off its moorings rather than kicking it (because that's just A-OK).
  • Kyle Brodziak getting confident with the puck.
  • Oh, and Kyle Brodziak.

In all seriousness, this isn't the kind of vibe you won't going into your first post at HW, but so is the risk that goes with covering Minnesota sports. Haula and McCormick(aside from that "Hey! I'm a career 4th liner!" penalty) had very strong games from the 4th line. Matt Cooke was phenomenal in terms of being Matt Cooke. There was literally a point where two words came from his mouth and and five Colorado players immediately rushed up to him to give their insight. And take his lunch money. Zach Parise was an absolute beast on the boards and was the best player for the Wild last night. If someone could please .gif the play where he's battling two AvNots on the half-boards, has the puck deflected straight up in the air, and jumps over said AvNots to catch the puck in mid-air and deliver a clean pass back to the point. I know for a fact that it happened somewhere within the first period.

With (almost) all jokes aside, Jared Spurgeon turned in a pretty solid showing until he decided to fill the quota on his gamely turnover that potentially costs us the game. Jonas Brodin, however, was (and hasn't been) his old self. I really like the kid, but the decisions behind the net have been costing us games left and right all season. The same errors were evident back in 2013-2013, but this time around he doesn't have Ryan Suter to his left picking up the slack. Be better kid.

    Anyway, this loss definitely stings. But it's not all Jared Spurgeon's passing terribad- there will be another game tomorrow night at 8:30. You can catch it on the television, or better yet, fly out to Denver and score a scalped ticket.

Also, make sure to stick around Hockey Wilderness for coverage rolling in all day.

Let's look at some links, shall we?

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