Wilderness Walk: The Kevin Love Effect

Put K-Love on skates and you may have the next Chara! - Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

What impact does Kevin Love leaving the Timberwolves have on the Wild?

What impact does Kevin Love leaving the Wolves have on our beloved Wild you ask? Most would say none whatsoever, I would argue against that. K-Love demanding a trade, dismantling the Wolves, and leaving MN could be huge!

The way I see it there are 4 major pro sports teams in this state, no disrespect intended to Lynx's, Swarm, Minnesota United, and Wind-Chill fans. The Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Wild, and Wolves may not have much in the category of championships, but they do have our hearts. Plus, beggars can't be choosers.

Quick overview of each team:

  • The Vikings make a serious run once every decade. But they're more famous for blowing the big game, Brett Favre signings, the Love Boat scandal, being the team Fran Tarkenton used to play for, and trading away Randy Moss for nothing! Even with 50 plus years of failure nobody is going to dethrone this team as the top ticket in town! Hey at least we can look down on Bills, Lions, Browns, and Jags fans!!
  • The Twins need pitching, the owner to spend some money, and for Mauer to start swinging like A.J. Pierzynski! Mainly they just need the owner to spend some money!
  • I'm not exactly sure what the Wolves need, but losing K-Love rarely helps a team. Hopefully Flip Saunders can (once again) turn this organization around! It won't be easy!!!

And then you have the Minnesota Wild. In a way these 4 teams all compete for the same slice of viewership, popularity, sponsorships, and general attention. My thought is, their is basically only so much Minnesota to go around. So while the diehard fans will stick by their respective teams through thick and thin, the casual fan will jump from team to team based on success. These casual "bandwagon" fans hop around from team to team when teams are winning, like we are now. These "bandwagon" fans are spineless, soulless, and are generally terrible people. But they do offer a saving grace....increased money/popularity/viewership! And if our Wild continue to be the only winning team in town. I can see a lot of bandwagon fans headed our way.

Now most would say this is a bad thing, but its not. I don't know what the percentages are but several of these casual fans 'bandwagon fans" will convert over into real "fandom". They will watch a few games, see the excitement, feel the energy, and boom will end up Wild hockey fans for life. After all, nobody gets born into this world as a diehard fan, they develop it over time. This bandwagon effect may comfortably move the Wild behind the Vikings into 2nd place in the MN sports market.

Now I'm not saying we should root against Minnesota sports for the betterment of our hockey team, cause that would be terrible. And who enjoys kicking a dead horse when it's down? But it's also worth pointing out that 5 years ago this argument couldn't be made, 14 years ago many Minnesotans couldn't name a player on the Wild team.  This franchise has come a long way.

I believe the continued mismanagement of these MN organizations is a great thing for our upstart expansion team, this K-Love trade could firmly establish the Wild as the second biggest team in town, following the untouchable Vikings!

That's something I can get excited about!

On to your Walk

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