Candy Kane

Showtime for Patrick Kane has just begun. The playoffs are the time where he lets his mullet grow out, lets his racing stripes fly, and where he shows off that playoff beard that seems to be improving year by year. He is one of the most relaxed players on the ice. He visualizes the ice as if it was just him and his teammates, only seeing the goalie between him and putting the puck in the back of the net. He even has a little Muhammad Ali in him, floating on the ice like a butterfly, but stinging ever so quickly like a bee. With moves so sweet you can’t disagree, watching him is like eating a "Candy Kane. Bmr187vcyaehwem_jpg_medium_medium

Wearing the number 88 on his back because he was born in the year 1988, making him only 25 years old. Still so young but he plays like a veteran, scoring the game-winning goal in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Philadelphia Flyers in 2010. Also, he had a team leading 19 points in the playoffs last year as he won his second ring. You could say he has ice in his veins, always acting cool and relax, except when it’s time to celebrate. The little kid in him comes out when the puck hits the back of the net. He jumps for joy, amps the crowd, and lets everyone know the Patty Kane show is here to stay. He is so icy, so smooth, so sick, and he doesn’t miss a beat with Bauers on his feet.

Kane, already with two rings, is hungry for his third. His showtime comes late in games, with two game-winners already this post-season, he loves the spotlight. In game two against the Minnesota Wild, this Beauty had a game winner that is the best play so far in the playoffs, in my opinion. Winding through the D and putting a backhanded shot short side on Bryzgalov, the Minnesota Wild goaltender; goals don’t get prettier than that. The way he handles the puck is magical. As John Buccigross would call him, "The Mayor of Dangle City" has absolutely nasty paws.

Patrick Kane, and his Blackhawks have a 2-0 series lead on the Minnesota Wild. Let’s see if Kane’s magic, and the Blackhawks winning ways can continue when the series comes back to the state of hockey for game three. The Xcel Energy Center will be rockin’ but Kane has the moves that can silence a home crowd in a heartbeat. The Wild have their hands full this series. Don’t forget about Toews, Bickell, or Seabrook, players who all are having solid post-season for the Blackhawks. The quest for a repeat is on. The Blackhawks are hot, winning now six straight. Can the Minnesota Wild cool them off and put up a fight against the defending champs? We will just have to wait and see in game three.

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#BicksBlog will continue throughout the playoffs. #Becauseitsthecup

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