Mock Draft Pick: Sonny Milano

Happy June everyone. Yes, it's where the 2014 NHL Entry Draft is this month; June 27th-28th. This year's draft will be held in Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. So let's get a good look at Sonny Milano. Here's a pick that Fletcher should consider if he wants to draft more pure skill.

With the 18th pick that the Wild will have, they should go after Sonny Milano, who's a LW from US National U18 Team. He is currently 18. He's ranked 16th in among North American Skaters. NHL Scouts have seem him as one of the best skating prospects entering the draft.

Here's some overviews of the young stud. Milano is a skilled winger with good hands who likes to carry the puck and have it on his stick. He has a quick first step as well as good straight line speed and able to use his edges well to elude and evade. He uses finesse puck skills and change of direction to beat defenders.

Milano has all the tools to become an offensive threat in the NHL. He just needs to add strength to his 5'11'', 183 pound frame. The only problem is, Milano's defensive game is decent and needs work. If Milano is going to fit our system, he needs to learn the defensive game first before he can try to be like SUPERMAN (sarcasm). There's been scouters that have compared Milano to U.S. stud and Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane, and Blues forward T.J. Oshie. Their skill-set is very similar in numerous ways. This kid has the potential to be a first line/second line winger that can play-make and score depending on any situation. He seems to have good vision, can create his own plays, makes crisp passes, has good hockey instincts, and has a good first step while skating. Yeah this sounds like Patrick Kane, in my opinion.

He can fit the Wild system as they're lacking scoring forwards. Players like Niederreiter, Coyle, Haula, and Granlund haven't shown their ability to score consistently yet. To add a player like Milano could be a great young core for the future ahead.

It's too early and hard to say that Milano will potentially turn into a Partrick Kane or a T.J. Oshie. So let's not get too excited or get ahead of ourselves. But he has the tendencies to be a productive playmaking scoring forward in the NHL.

Nothing that Granlund hasn't shown us... It's sick handling skills, sure. Can it translate to the NHL? We'll see.

What do you think Wild fans? Should Milano be our 18th pick if he were to still be available?

Next, it'll do a mock draft on Joshua Ho Sang.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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