2014-15 Minnesota Wild Schedule Released

Yay! The Minnesota Wild schedule is out now! - Doug Pensinger

The Minnesota Wild's schedule is now out. They start the season at home against Colorado, and finish at St. Louis.

The Minnesota Wild's 2014-15 schedule is out right now! You can check it out here.

Some tidbits about the schedule:

  • The Minnesota Wild start this season off with a home-and-home series with Colorado
  • The Wild will definitely be tested in their first 14 games this season. In their first 14 games, 11 were against playoff teams from last season.
  • Two of the three games not against playoff teams come against New Jersey and Ottawa. They were Top-10 possession teams last season.
  • Only 4 games this season start at 9:00 PM or later. This is down from 8 last season. Yay!
  • No long road trips. There's only one stretch where the Wild play more than 3 away games in a row. And not only is that just 4 games, it's broken up by the All-Star break. The Wild had 5 road trips of 4 games last season.
  • Are you an out-of-towner looking to make a trip to catch a couple of Wild games? I've got three home stretches to recommend to you. First would be October 30-Nov 4 (Sharks, Stars, Penguins). Second is January 6-10 (Sharks, Blackhawks, Predators). I also really like February 3-9 (Blackhawks, Avalanche, Canucks).
  • Easiest month? I gotta think it's February. The Wild have multiple games against Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton. If the Avalanche lose Stastny, they're not going to look too hot. They play them twice in February. Games against Winnipeg, Florida, and Carolina, all non-playoff teams. The Wild have a chance to make hay there.
  • Toughest month? Hard to say for me, other than October. Most months have at least one easy-looking stretch. But let's try this: Look from November 22-December 23. Road games at Tampa, Dallas, San Jose, and Chicago. Tough home games against LA, St. Louis, Montreal, Anaheim, Boston, and Philadelphia. Watch out.
  • The end of the season looks OK. The final 10 games have a good mix of challenging games (LA, NYR, @Chicago, @St. Louis), and games the Wild should win (@Toronto, @NYI, Calgary, Winnipeg). The last three games being @CHI, @Nashville, and @STL could be difficult if the Wild can't wrap up a playoff spot

So, Wilderness, what do you think about the schedule?

2014-15 Minnesota Wild Regular Season Schedule


Thurs, Oct 9: vs. Colorado 7:30 PM

Sat, Oct 11: @ Colorado 8:00 PM

Fri, Oct 17: @ Anaheim 9:00 PM

Sun, Oct 19: @ Los Angeles 3:00 PM

Thurs, Oct 23: vs. Arizona 7:00 PM

Sat, Oct 25: vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM

Mon, Oct 27: @ NY Rangers 6:00 PM

Tues, Oct 28: @ Boston 6:00 PM

Thurs, Oct 30: vs. San Jose 7:00 PM


Sat, Nov 1: vs. Dallas 7:00 PM

Tues, Nov 4: vs. Pittsburgh 7:00 PM

Thurs, Nov 6: @ Ottawa 6:30 PM

Sat, Nov 8: @ Montréal 6:00 PM

Tues, Nov 11: @ New Jersey 6:00 PM

Thurs, Nov 13: vs. Buffalo 7:00 PM

Sat, Nov 15: @ Dallas 1:00 PM

Sun, Nov 16: vs. Winnipeg 4:00 PM

Thurs, Nov 20: @ Philadelphia 6:00 PM

Sat, Nov 22: @ Tampa Bay 6:00 PM

Mon, Nov 24: @ Florida 6:30 PM

Wed, Nov 26: vs. Los Angeles 7:00 PM

Fri, Nov 28: @ Dallas 7:30 PM

Sat, Nov 29: vs. St. Louis 7:00 PM


Wed, Dec 3: vs. Montréal 6:00 PM

Fri, Dec 5: vs. Anaheim 7:00 PM

Tues, Dec 9: vs. NY Islanders 7:00 PM

Thurs, Dec 11: @ San Jose 9:30 PM

Sat, Dec 13: @ Arizona 7:00 PM

Tues, Dec 16: @ Chicago 7:30 PM

Wed, Dec 17: vs. Boston 7:00 PM

Sat, Dec 20: vs. Nashville 7:00 PM

Tues, Dec 23: vs. Philadelphia 6:00 PM

Sat, Dec 27: vs. Winnipeg 6:00 PM

Mon, Dec 29: @ Winnipeg 7:00 PM

Wed, Dec 31: @ Columbus 6:00 PM


Fri, Jan 2: vs. Toronto 7:00 PM

Sat, Jan 3: @ Dallas 7:00 PM

Tues, Jan 6: vs. San Jose 7:00 PM

Thurs, Jan 8: vs. Chicago 7:00 PM

Sat, Jan 10: vs. Nashville 1:00 PM

Sun, Jan 11: @ Chicago 7:00 PM

Tues, Jan 13: @ Pittsburgh 6:00 PM

Thurs, Jan 15: @ Buffalo 7:00 PM

Sat, Jan 17: vs. Arizona 8:00 PM

Mon, Jan 19: vs. Columbus 7:00 PM

Tues, Jan 20: @ Detroit 6:30 PM

***NHL All-Star Break***

Tues, Jan 27: @ Edmonton 8:30 PM

Tues, Jan 29: @ Calgary 8:00 PM


Sun, Feb 1: @ Vancouver 2:30 PM

Tues, Feb 3: vs. Chicago 7:00 PM

Sat, Feb 7: vs. Colorado 7:00 PM

Mon, Feb 9: vs. Vancouver 7:00 PM

Tues, Feb 10: @ Winnipeg 7:00 PM

Thurs, Feb 12: vs. Florida 7:00 PM

Sat, Feb 14: vs. Carolina 7:00 PM

Mon, Feb 16: @ Vancouver 9:00 PM

Wed, Feb 18: @ Calgary 8:30 PM

Fri, Feb 20: @ Edmonton 8:00 PM

Sun, Feb 22: vs. Dallas 7:00 PM

Tues, Feb 24: vs. Edmonton 7:00 PM

Thurs, Feb 26: @ Nashville 7:00 PM

Sat, Feb 28: @ Colorado 9:00 PM


Tues, March 3: vs. Ottawa 7:00 PM

Thurs, March 5: @ Washington 6:00 PM

Fri, March 6: @ Carolina 6:00 PM

Sun, March 8: vs. Colorado 5:00 PM

Tues, March 10: vs. New Jersey 7:00 PM

Fri, March 13: vs. Anaheim 7:00 PM

Sat, March 14: @ St. Louis 7:00 PM

Tues, March 17: @ Nashville 7:00 PM

Thurs, March 19: vs. Washington 7:00 PM

Sat, March 21: vs. St. Louis 1:00 PM

Mon, March 23: @ Toronto 6:30 PM

Tues, March 24: @ NY Islanders 7:00 PM

Fri, March 27: vs. Calgary 7:00 PM

Sat, March 28: vs. Los Angeles 7:00 PM


Thurs, April 2: vs. NY Rangers 7:00 PM

Sat, April 4: vs. Detroit 6:00 PM

Mon, April 6: vs. Winnipeg 7:00 PM

Tues, April 7: @ Chicago 7:30 PM

Thurs, April 9: @ Nashville 7:00 PM

Sat, April 11: @ St. Louis 6:30 PM

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