Wilderness Walk: Money Money Edition

$$$ - These guys struck Gold!!! - Harry How

That Vanek contract is looking great compared to the new contracts Chicago is dishing out. The Salary Cap better keep going up!!!

Holy Contracts Batman! Patrick Kane and UND Alum Jonathan Toews have just signed massive new deals. These identical eight year deals will keep Toews and Kane in Chicago at the tune of $10.5 mil a year on average. Talk about Crosby Money!!!

These new contracts have stirred up quite the fuss. But regardless of the $$$ involved, these two players have literally resurrected a dead franchise. They have transformed Chicago, the 3rd largest market in the U.S., into a hockey craved city. The Chicago Blackhawks have morphed from a forgotten nobody into the biggest team in the Western Conference. Saving an Original Six franchise has to be worth something.

I wonder what this means for the Salary Cap going forward?

Anybody else happy for Dany Heatley? I know I am. For those of you that missed it, everybody's favorite all-star is taking his talents to Anaheim next season. While Heater never lived up to the lofty expectations his salary commanded, I still enjoyed his time in MN. Plus, I believe he was instrumental in bringing in Parise and Suter. Who then were instrumental in bringing in Pomminville, who then brought in Vanek. Well done Heater!
#50in07 #HeatersGonnaHeat  

Heater did have the best slap shot the Wild have seen since Brian Rolston.

On to your Walk

Wild News

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Wild Prospects learn some things

Every NHL Team's Best Option to Improve in the 2014 Offseason | Bleacher Report
Bleacher reports looks at every teams needs. Including the Wild's.

Dany Heatley signs with Anaheim Ducks - NHL Free Agency 2014
Former MN Wild Forward Dany Heatley has signed a one-year contract with the Anaheim Ducks

From the Frozen Pond

Embattled hockey school leaves state high school league - Minnesota Hockey Hub - David La Vaque

Interesting news about former MSHSL member, Achiever Academy, moving to Tier 1. Could this be a major blow to MN High School hockey?

Defenseman Dougherty sees Nashville selection as 'dream come true' - Minnesota Hockey Hub - Patrick Johnson

Top ranked Minnesotan in the 2014 draft was taken by the Nashville Predators 51st overall.

Off the Trail

Cory Schneider signs contract extension with New Jersey Devils - NHL.com - News
The New Jersey Devils paid big money for a goalie

Joshua Ho-Sang not surprised New York Islanders picked him at draft - NHL.com - NHL Insider
Joshua Ho-Sang continues to talk

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby deciding on wrist surgery - NHL.com - News
Penguins captain Sidney Crosby might need surgery.

Kane: 'I'm a Winnipeg Jet now...we'll see what happens'
Kane really wants to get away from the Wall. This should end well

Blackhawks sign Kane, Toews to eight-year, $84M contracts
Big Money Deals. 10.5 mil a year, crazy!!!!

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