Wilderness Walk: Trades a' Foot

The rare Clutterbuck - Hannah Foslien

Could more trades be lurking in the horizon? A quick look at Chuck Fletcher's trade history.

A quick review of the trades I remember Chuck making'

Nick Leddy for Cam Barker and Kim Johnsson
Ouch, Leddy hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, but the guy is serviceable defense man with some offensive upside. Who would have thought after Leddy breaking his jaw was his only highlight for the Gophers! We Lost this Trade!!!
It's hard to believe we used to pay Nick Shultz and Kim Johnson 5mil a season each!! let that sink in

Heatley for Havlat
We won this trade, I don’t care how much we overpaid Heatley. It all worked out

Brent Burns and a 2nd for Coyle, Phillips, and Setoguchi
This hasn’t worked out. Coyle shows some promise, but we traded Guchi away for nothing. And Phillips looks to be a bust. The only saving grace was that the added prospects convinced free agents we had potential.

Sheppard for a 3rd round pick
Sheppard for anything is a great trade. A+++

Jason Pominville for Matt Hackett, Johan Larsson, a 1st, and 2nd.
yet to be determined. IDK

Niederreiter and a 3rd for Clutterbuck

This was a steal, I liked Cal, but Nino could become a legit top 6 sniper!!!

Moulson and McCormick for two 2nds and Torrey Mitchell.
Weak, especially considering how Moulson disappeared in the playoffs. But it was worth the risk, and we needed to prove to the West we weren't messing around. Unfortunately they both re-signed with Buffalo this off-season!


This footage never gets old!!!!

Wild vs. Avalanche Game 7 Recap (via NHL)

On to your Walk

Minnesota News

All-Star events boosted sales for some, left others wanting more | Star Tribune
I'm sure this didn't hurt business, but lets have the bars open to 4am more often. St Patty's day, Halloween!

Rand: Love-Wiggins trade makes too much sense not to happen | Star Tribune
Lets make this trade happen, Wiggins probably won't be as good as Love, but whatever. Better than nothing

Other News

Sabres, Ennis reportedly closing in on five-year extension - NHL - SI.com
Ennis is a good player on a very bad team, nice to see him sticking with Buffalo

Mikhail Grigorenko looking to stick with Buffalo Sabres - NHL.com - NHL Insider
Remember when we wanted this guy?

Leiweke: Toronto pitching to host NHL events - Sportsnet.ca
Toronto wants every event because they realize the playoffs may be a pipe dream!!

Leafs, Holland agree to two-year deal; Ashton accepts offer
The Leafs are doing things

Florida Panthers' Aleksander Barkov healthy, eager for second season - NHL.com - NHL Insider
Aleksander Barkov wants to get better. so do most people not named Jamarcus Russel

Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane happy to be with Chicago Blackhawks - NHL.com - NHL Insider
I would be also, if you paid me 10.5 mil a year

Leafs make Forbes list of most valuable sports franchises
Surprised by the order of this list, always the Dallas Cowboys were worth more than

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