Wilderness Walk: "LOUD NOISES" Edition

Wow, I suck

Well, I got a little caught up with my 7/4th activities last night and forgot to the Walk. To make up for the tardiness of the Walk, I feel that the only sensible way to make amends is to take any and all responsibilities for Brodziak's shortcomings next year. Yell at me @DashLovesGabby. I deserve it.

In other Dash-related shortcomings, I want to pose a question to you fancy stats guys. How can stats like Corsi, or any other shot-related statistic, be held to measure a wingers value? They have the least defensive responsibility among the 5 skaters and they're only real expectation is to stay in the passing lanes and tie up the 4th man high in a net-front scramble. I understand how the stat can be used to measure centers and defensemen, but there isn't much a winger can do to prevent shots other than switching to center. Ryan Callahan, who looks pretty damn good using the eye test, is seen as a "bad" player now. He's one of the best defensive forwards in the league and you can see that on the PK. It's just that 5v5 there's not much he can do as a RW.

I won't get into a full-fledged, BR-type rant, but chances are you already get what I'm trying to say.

Let's Walk.


Wild sign enforcer Rechlicz | Star Tribune
This guy can fight.

Wild's updated 2014-15 depth chart; Report: Wild interested in Steve Ott | Russo's Rants | StarTribune.com
Yay depth.

Rand: Vanek, Heatley mirror images at time of acquisition | Star Tribune

The Team of 18,001: A New Face In The State Of Hockey: Thomas Vanek

More Vanek.


Alexei Kovalev, Enigmatic Russian, retires after 24 years | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
"Enigmatic" and "Russian" in the same sentence seems a bit redundant, wouldn't you say?

Presenting the Puck Daddy all-compliance buyout team | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Still trying to determine whether they're better than Edmonton or not.

Claude Giroux apologizes to police for ‘misguided attempt at humor’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Talk about a bummer...

Dustin Brown goofs on President Obama during congratulatory call (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
"Chirping the President of the United States in person? Check."

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Toffoli's dad gets Stanley Cup tattoo | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
What a guy.

Puck Daddy’s 2014 NHL Free Agent Report Card | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Pressure in Pittsburgh; arbitration for Reimer; Happy birthday, Teemu (Puck Headlines) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

New Maple Leafs center Petri Kontiola is a heck of an interview (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Man, he's gonna fit right in with Toronto.

Top Line: Kane and Toews deals close; why RFAs won't get offers; more links - NHL - SI.com
Sports illustrated(!)

Vegas bookmakers unimpressed by NHL free agent moves - NHL - SI.com
Las Vegas, the Mecca of hockey knowledge.

Sens sign Legwand — two years, $6 million | ProHockeyTalk
For that price the Wild should have taken more than a flyer on him. Our third line could be that much faster.

Downie vows to protect Crosby, Malkin | ProHockeyTalk
"I can guarantee there won't be any liberties on those players this year."

Lightning re-sign Sustr, have a really deep defense | ProHockeyTalk

Lehtera to center Schwartz, Tarasenko; will be ‘contributing factor’ for Blues | ProHockeyTalk
6'2". 210lbs. And hands like Granlund. We should all be worried.

NHL Grab Bag: Free to Be You and Me

It's DGB. You gotta click.

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