NHL Collective Bargaining: A Month to Armageddon


Here is the post I wrote to update the SB Nation Minnesota hub on the CBA talks. Give it a read, then let us know where your confidence level is at.

T3I: Aeros President David Burke Headed to MLS


According to our friends at The Third Intermission, Aeros President David Burke is headed to the Colorado Rapids, and MLS team in Denver. You have to guess that moving from a minor league squad to a pro level squad is an upgrade, even if it is a downgrade in sports. T3I also speculates a bit on the future of the Aeros, saying there are rumors the Aeros could move to North Dakota. North Dakota? Really?

Without a new deal, NHL lockout by September 15, says Gary Bettman


Via PUCK DADDY Lockout is looking more and more immanent. For the record I feel this is bullshit! Pretty sure you all feel the same!

Raw Charge: Orlando Solar Bears Hosting Tryouts


Want to know how a new ECHL gets built? Signings and tryouts. Want to head down and give it a shot? Check out our friends at Raw Charge for details!

Lucia Shines at US WJC Evaluation Camp


Looks like Mario Lucia had a hell of a game against Team Finland during a WJC eval camp netting a Hat Trick. Its nice to see him looking good after missing most of prospect camp and coming from a relatively weaker league in the BCJHL.

Zach Parise & Ryan Suter Infographic


Looking for something to do today? We suggest reading the Minnesota Wild's Zach Parise & Ryan Suter infographic. Make sure you make it all the way to the bottom. It'll be worth it.

New 4 on 4 on


Check out this week's 4 on 4, as we discuss Rick Nash, Shane Doan, Shea Weber, and who makes a name for themself this year in the NHL. Good stuff to be sure.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up


The Insiderrps at it again...then again, they might not exist at all.

Haula Pees on the Street


Gets disorderly conduct citation. I think its funny, who hasn't peed on a street.

4 for 4 With the LA Kings


The one where I go toe to toe with three other writers to answer four questions. Turns out, I am the only one who thinks the season might start on time, and the only one who thinks the Wild make the playoffs. Also, the only one who doesn't use advanced stats. (Shocking, I know.)

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