Marian Gaborik is back to his old self, doing his part to help Minnesota Wild -

Asked about his possible future in Minnesota, Gaborik took a deep breath. "I was here since Day One, so I've gone through a lot," he said. "It was a lot of fun, you know? But now I'm focused on what's going on right now, focusing on every game right now. "That stuff, we can think about after the season. We have a couple of games left, and that's what I'm focusing on: every game, every shift, every period. I'll try to keep doing what I'm doing off the ice as well and just keep getting ready for games." Asked if the hip surgery in January solved the problems that caused recurring groin injuries, he said, "It's going in the right direction, and I'm very confident and very happy I had it done. I think it really helped me, and next year I'm really confident I'm going to be stronger than ever."

Hitting The Post: 'The Six-Pack of Suck': 10 Points that Got Away

Fantastic breakdown by Nick in New York over at Hitting The Post on what might have been. Aggravation. Exasperation. Disgust. Pain. Loathing. Hatred. And that's just from your fan base. Yes, the end of the season for the Minnesota Wild is, indeed, finally upon us. 79 games played, hundreds of hours of time expended by 18,568 fans in arena (and hundreds of thousands more on TV and Radio) watching the Wild exercise an enormous amount of effort, only to have their season end in utter, bitter, epic failure as their 'playoff push' looks more like a full-scale retreat. To that end, let's look at six games that really could made a difference. Six games that the Wild should have easily won, where they actually had a lead or were close, that they should have extracted points from, except for their own bumbling mistakes, stumbling errors, and lack of timely effort and flat-out poor execution:

Minneapolis Golf Examiner: Golf tips for the Minnesota Wild

This is a pretty funny take by the folks at Golf Examiner. With today’s loss to the Detroit Red Wings, the Minnesota Wild has just about clinched a non-playoff season. But don’t be grim, guys… that just means you can hit the links sooner! And based on how their hockey season went, I have a couple tips for the Wild players, coaches and front-office personnel looking to have a successful offseason on the golf course.

What We Learned: Priceless advice for the playoff desperate - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports

Minnesota Wild: It's easy to forget, but Marian Gaborik is unbelievable. If he were healthy all the time, people would talk about him like they do Alexander Ovechkin or Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby. He's that good. He's played 14 games this year and only the last few have been while he was healthy. He still has 10 goals and 15 points. Since he came back from his latest injury on March 22, he's netted 8-3-11 in eight games, including a goal against Detroit yesterday. This despite his most frequent linemates being James Sheppard (21 points in 78 games) and Stephane Veilleux (22 points in 77 games) up until a few games ago. Whoever signs him next year (not Minnesota!) is going to get a ridiculously talented player, probably at below market value. I legitimately feel bad that he can't stay healthy. A guy like him playing 75 or 80 games a year would be awesome for whatever market he's in.

Russo: "Wild's future is bleak"

Michael Russo sounds off about the Wild, their future and their current status as being boring. Ouch.

Clutterbuck to wear the Mic during sunday's game

How many timed does buck curse? Bets taken here.

Puck Daddy chats with Wild's Cal Clutterbuck about fighting Avery, feuding ... - NHL - Yahoo! Sports

Great interview with Cal over at Puck Daddy. It's a must-read. You really came onto our radar screen when fans started that whole "Cal for the Calder" thing. When did you become aware of it, and how did the campaign make you feel? The first time I heard about it was when [Wild defenseman] Kurtis Foster was down in Houston to do his conditioning after coming back from his femur injury. A couple of fans down there gave him some buttons to bring home with him, and he showed up with these buttons and gave them to me. I looked it up on the Internet, and found a couple of blogs and stuff that had this mini-campaign going. I thought it was pretty cool. Has the campaign gotten to the point where you feel you can take down Steve Mason [of the Columbus Blue Jackets]? Yeah, probably not. I don't think there was any point where I thought that was going to happen.

Congrats to Fellow Wild Blogger Elise over at 18,568 Reasons Why

Elise won the Minnesota Press Association contest for best print entry. You can read her regularly at 18,568 Reasons Why. Congrats Elise!

Congratulations Cal! With a name like Clutterbuck it makes sense you'd break the NHL's single...

Congratulations Cal! With a name like Clutterbuck it makes sense you'd break the NHL's single season hits record. Here's hoping you make the playoffs so the hits keep on coming! Watch IN THE CREASE with the Sports report Girl for a recap of the top week's top stories in the NHL.

Schwans Super Rink and Ridder to host IIHF U-18

The IIHF will be in town April 2nd through the 7th, with games coming the 4th through the 7th. It is a pre-tournament camp, but features teams from around the world, and should be some entertaining hockey. Hope to see you there.

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