Olympic Discussion Thread for 2/15


let's talk about today's events

Wild projections: The big picture


Addressing the belief that the Wild became worse in the offseason

Nino Niederreiter: Coin Toss Part 1


Taking a look at possible career trajectories for the new Wild player based on comparables from the last 20 years. Part one is 1993-1999.

Shun the non-believers: Mike Yeo back for 3rd year


Followers of the Church of Yeo, rejoice! Heretics, read on.

Wild Against The World


I've never understood boo-birds at sporting events, and I probably never will. Here's why.

NHL Trade Deadline 2013: What to do with PMB?


PMB's turn to get analyzed. Now this one is a doozy.

NHL Trade Deadline: What to do with Dany Heatley?


One of the many question marks on this team: Dany Heatley. The deadline is coming: Will he be affected?

Duality: Who exactly ARE the Minnesota Wild?


We've seen them at their worst and at their best. Which version of this team is the real one?

The honeymoon: Is it love?


Craig Leipold proposed to Wild fans with a huge 196$ million dollar engagement ring. Now that the wedding is over and the honeymoon has started, fans are going crazy over the Wild's lackluster...


Wilderness Walk: 02-06-2013


Slow day, plenty of articles.

Who is on the Wild hot seat?


The Wild still aren't scoring and the fans have to find fault with someone. So who is it? Front office? Players? Coaching Staff?

Minnesota Wild Positional Inventory - Center


It's been awhile... let's see who's in the mix?

Boycotting the NHL Without Boycotting the NHL


So, you want to boycott, do you? Did you pack your trebuchet?

Sibling Squabblers: Is Jason Zucker Top 6 Material


Join the HW kids, JS and Emilie, as they introduce a new debate-style feature. Today's topic: Wild prospect Jason Zucker

JS vs. Emilie: Hockey Wilderness debaters!


The two HW kids are bickering. Help them fuel the flame! Help them find hockey-related topics for debate posts!

Ottawa Sun Writer: Bring in the Replacements


The solution to the lockout? Pay cuts for reporters and replacement players.


Thanksgiving 2012: Do Something to Help a Player

Before you go and gorge yourself on turkey, stuffing, all the fixin's, pie, and booze of all shapes and flavors... ask yourself... shouldn't I be helping a player get through this mess?


Nashville Predators Make Some Good From Lockout

The Nashville Predators made a group of youth hockey players feel like kings.

NHL CBA Negotiations: Get Off The Roller Coaster


Fans continue to buy in to slop being fed to them by the league and NHLPA. It needs to stop.

Winter Classic Canceled: Fans Quiet


The NHL canceled one regular season game today. No one really seems to care.

The Only Lockout Update You Will Need


Looking for an update on the NHL lockout? Create your own with this handy guide!

NHL CBA: How Would the New CBA Impact the Wild?


The CBA negotiations took a strong turn to the positive yesterday. Not everything is sunshine and roses, though. Could the Wild be in trouble next season under the proposed cap?

Uncle Fester Releases Statement, No One Cares


Uncle Fester Releases Statement, No One Cares

NHL CBA Negotiations: The Pros Of A Lockout (What?)


A lockout can't be all bad, right? ... Right?

What if...The Wild had selected Claude Giroux instead of James Sheppard?


Many fans wonder why the Wild chose James Sheppard instead of superstar Claude Giroux in 2006. What if the Wild HAD chosen Giroux?

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