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Minnesota Wild Players

OK, it's time for MN Wild Freak to get back to writing spotlight Minnesota Wild player profiles for your off-season reading pleasure. I will post one tomorrow (Sunday morning reading! Better than...

Day One: Minnesota Wild Roster Additions and Subtractions

The first day of NHL free agency was busy. The Minnesota Wild lost several players and gained a few as well. Here is the latest run-down of the biggest roster change headlines: Minnesota Wild...

Brian Rolston signs with New Jersey Devils

A lot has been happening around the Minnesota Wild offices lately and the fans are fired up. Thank you mnwild1 for your thoughts and feelings regarding the Wild losing Brian Rolston. I...

Minnesota Wild Player Profiles

Tomorrow, I will start my daily segment of Minnesota Wild Player profiles. I will post a new player every day and my profiles will appear in no particular order. I will attempt to provide neutral,...

Minnesota Wild Players

For the coming season, the Minnesota Wild has 14 players under contract and three more whose rights the Wild retain. These 17 players are: left wingers Stephane Veilleux and Derek Boogaard; right...

Minnesota Wild Draft Day

It was a busy weekend for the Minnesota Wild and the NHL. Sure it was the beginning of summer, but it was also the NHL Entry Draft in Ottawa and what an interesting couple of days it was. M...

Wild make small moves, when will the big ones come?

The Minnesota Wild are really perplexing me with their latest off-season moves, signing Erik Reitz, signing Marc-Andre Bergeron . I know they are trying to build a new roster while still...

Minnesota Wild Nicknames

One of the great members of the Minnesota Wild community has left a diary on hockey wilderness with a plethora of Minnesota Wild player nicknames. Check it out! Minnesota Wild Player Nicknames T...

Minnesota Wild Season top 5 pluses and minus

I posted this list over on my MN Wild Freak blog and thought I better post it over here on Hockey Wilderness as well.Here is a list of the five positives I have taken away from the 2008 Minnesota...

Mark Parrish not getting a lot of ice time

I was reading an article from the local st paul paper yesterday about Mark Parrish playing a career low number of games. Parrish is diplomatic in the article although the journalist alludes to the...

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