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Hockey Attendance during Early Season Games

The attendance was a measly 12,088 at Arenain Phoenix last Saturday night, the lowest home crowd for the Phoenix Coyotes in a long time. You would think with a famous head coach like Wayne Gretzky and a hot visiting NHL team like the Minnesota Wild in the house, Arizona hockey fans would have been excited to come out and watch a Saturday night hockey match-up. I guess it is just further proof that many hockey fans aren’t ready for a "winter sport" to begin in October.

Generally in the Twin Cities, I know you can get Minnesota Wild Tickets to the October and early November games at below face value because ticket holders are just looking to get rid of them, but any games after Thanksgiving, especially weekend games become a hotter ticket. With the Wild undefeated, I would expect hockey fever to heat up quickly in the Twin Cities and Minnesota Wild Tickets to fly out the door. The Wild marketing department has to be so pleased at the team’s early success and it is nice to see our Minnesota hockey team getting the recognition it deserves from the "big" sports media like ESPN. Keep up the good work Wild, Keep up the good work.