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Wild play Back to Back games in Canada

Tomorrow night’s game vs. Calgary Flames should be a physical game. The Flames like to hit and in their own arena I expect a few brawls, no doubt. The Flames are playing well (4-3-2) and I predict the game will be decided in overtime or a shootout. I enjoy watching our tough Northwest Division games on TV and I will be glued to FSN tomorrow night.

Thursday night will provide Wild hockey fans with another Northwest Division match-up as the Wild take on the Edmonton Oilers in Edmonton. The Oilers will be looking for revenge (or at least a goal) against the Wild since we beat them 0-2 earlier in the month. It’s always harder to win a game on the road than it is at home, but the Wild should be able to pull off at least one Canadian victory over the next two days (Edmonton is my pick, they are last in the Northwest)

My advice to the Wild hockey team is the same advice my old hockey coach used to give me:

"Win the faceoff, control the puck. Lose the faceoff, chase the puck. It’s a pretty simple formula."