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Wild Players Backstrom and Gaborik Injured in Denver

Saturday’s practice at the Pepsi Center in Denver proved to be costly for the Minnesota Wild. Star players Marian Gaborik and Niklas Backstrom both suffered groin injuries.  Gaborik left the ice early due to a nagging groin pain. His injury status is nothing new to Minnesota Wild fans, but it is exactly what we don’t need.  Gaborik hasn't played a full season since 2002-03 because of upper leg injuries and this year looks like it won’t be any different.

"I'm not going to miss 40 games, or whatever," Gaborik vowed Saturday. "It's a day-to-day situation. I just have to try to be confident, and that's what I am."

Gaborik is good at talking tough, let’s just see if he can actually play tough this season.

Adding insult to injury, Minnesota Wild star goalie Niklas Backstrom also left practice early because of a groin injury. What was going on at the Pepsi Center? Did they have special ice there or something? Two star players injured during the same practice – what are the chances?  I just have to shake my head and grunt to myself, only in the state of hockey...only in the state of hockey...