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Minnesota Wild Team Captains

Minnesota Wild head coach Jacques Lemaire is famous for rotating the Wild team captains. It’s his way of rewarding hard work amongst the players throughout the year. I know a few other NHL teams do the same like the Buffalo Sabres and I am pretty sure the Detroit Red Wings do, too. I think it’s a good idea – it promotes a little friendly internal competition throughout the entire year, not just in training camp, and it gives all of the players a chance to be real leaders on the team.  Anyone interested in debating that?

Pavol Demitra will be the Wilds team captain for the month of October and I must say I agree with Jacques choice. Although Demitra has never worn the "C" prior to joining the Wild, he has really developed into a leader on a team full of leaders. I think what really made Demitra stand out was that he scored five goals in the past six games and his game intensity never changed even though his line mates frequently did. In addition to his strong game play, Demitra showed plenty of hustle in practices and took some of the younger players under his wing.

"He's been really good," said Lemaire. "He's been good for the kids, good for the team. He played well in all the exhibition games. He's a good leader and we're really happy to have him."

Yes we are Mr. Lemaire! This MN Wild Freak is looking forward to seeing a lot of Pavol Demitra.