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Minnesota Wild Tickets for Thanksgiving Week

If you live in the state of hockey you truly understand what it means when the Minnesota Wild say we are a team of 18,000. The Xcel Energy Center is always packed with Wild fans and the season ticket waiting list is long, very long. Not Green Bay Packers long, but long.

Minnesota Wild tickets are a hot commodity and any Minnesota hockey fan would be elated to get their hands on some at a reasonable cost. The local ticket broker, Ticket King, always has tickets to games even the day of and the prices aren’t terrible. I am not trying to plug the business, but I am sharing ticket information with desperate Minnesota Wild fans. Wild tickets are tough to find, but Ticket King always has some and they have an office less than a block from the Xcel.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I know there will be a lot of families in town and the Minnesota Wild will be in town as well playing Thanksgiving Eve and the day after. Buy your Wild tickets early game day for the best prices, but if you have an off number or you are picky about your seats, buy them now because based on my experience last year both Wednesday and Friday games are popular with Minnesota Wild fans . . .then again, EVERY game is popular in the state of hockey!