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Minnesota Wild Thankful to be home

All I want for Thanksgiving are Minnesota Wild Tickets!  The Wild play against the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday at 7pm and then against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday at 1pm. The local Minnesota ticket broker, Ticket King, has tickets to both games, but they aren’t cheap. The Wednesday night game should be the best as the Wild retaliate against Vancouver for last Friday’s 6-2 loss and the chippy game where the Canucks injured Mikko Koiuvu.  Friday afternoon should be fun and I am trying to convince my wife that it is more important to start a day after Thanksgiving hockey game tradition in lieu of the crazy shopping thing. I hope this years Black Friday means a black eye for the Blue Jackets! Let’s go Wild!

Minnesota Wild Tickets for those that can afford them or even for those who really can’t, but are going to go anyway.