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Are the Wild playoff bound if they can’t beat good teams (12/12)

It’s no secret the Minnesota Wild is stuck in a win one, lose one pattern of mediocrity. Since starting the season 7-1-0, Minnesota is 9-12-1, with only a four-game winning streak to break the monotony. This Minnesota Wild fan had higher expectations for the 2007/08 Minnesota wild team. The roster is full of talented players, many who played in last years Minnesota Wild playoff series. But the fact is the Minnesota Wild is having trouble beating strong teams.

"You can't hide this," Coach Jacques Lemaire said. "If you're playing good teams well and not winning, it shows you you're not strong enough."

Sure the Wild are still battling for the top spot in the Northwest division, but of their most recent victories, many are against teams that are out of the playoff picture - Edmonton, Calgary, Phoenix, Nashville and Columbus. When faced with tough teams like the Detroit Red Wings, the wild falter and unless the Wings self-destruct, they are going to be in the playoffs this year and the Minnesota Wild must find a way to beat them. Come on Wild, toughen up!