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Edmonton Oilers hate Pavol Demitra

Pavol Demitra will be a marked man the next time the Minnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers play at Rexall Place in Edmonton Alberta on February 12th  His cross check on Oilers Defenseman, Joni Pitkanen, will most assuredly cause some sort of retribution the next time these two teams play.  

Even though I don’t think that Pavol was attempting to injure Pitkanen, his borderline legal check has not gone unnoticed by the Edmonton Oilers.  It will be very interesting to watch how things unfold.  Will the punishment fit the crime?  Will the retribution be excessive and lead to more bad blood between the two Western Confernece teams?  Either way, the hit has added an exciting sub-plot to the Minnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers rivalry.  If I were you, I would circle this game on the Minnesota Wild Schedule as a "must see."