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Derek Boogaard and Todd Fedoruk can exist in peace

It is very strange to think that on 10/27/2006, Derek Boogaard broke Todd Fedoruk’s cheek bone in a fight and just over one year later, Boogaard has seemingly lost his job as the "Enforcer" on the Minnesota Wild’s roster to Fedoruk.

Boogaard has been a healthy scratch for a bunch of games since Fedoruk was picked up and now he is on the Injured Reserves.  All signs point to Derek Boogaard losing his spot as the "Enforcer" for the Minnesota Wild.  I hope that the Minnesota Wild front office figures out a way to keep both of them on the active roster once the NHL playoffs start.  I would feel a lot better going into the playoffs with Boogaard, Fedoruk and Aaron Voros patrolling the ice and opening things up for Marian Gaborik and the boys to score some goals.

As a side note, it would have been great to be a fly on the wall during the first conversation between Boogaard and Fedoruk when Fedoruk became a member of the Minnesota Wild this year.  

It probably went something like this:

"Hey Boogie, you really kicked my ass last year."
"Yeah Fedoruk, I really drilled you in the cheek.  I could feel your check bone cave in."
"I guess that is what I get for instigating a fight with you. Hey, Boogie, you want to go grab a beer at Tom Reid’s."

"Sounds good Fedoruk, I will buy you one."