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Target Conspiracy Theory (11/30)

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I know this is going to sound crazy, but I just have to share my Target Minnesota Wild Jacques Lemaire conspiracy theory. Before the Wild St Louis Blues game started, Target picked a lucky fan to be eligible for $150 Target gift card if they selected a player who would score or assist on the night. The choices were Belanger, Sheppard, Radivojevic and someone else not worth remembering.

The fan chose James Sheppard and I thought for sure she was going to get that gift card. Afterall, Sheppard had a goal and an assist in the last two games. However, in the St Louis Blues game Sheppard hardly got a chance to play!  He tallied a mere 10:17 on the ice - take a look at the Box Sheet. I think Target pays Jacques off if he makes sure the fan isn’t right! I guess the fan should have picked Eric Belanger (the guy behind me said he would have picked him) because Belanger had almost 20 minutes on the ice (and scored an assist).