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Aaron Voros likes to talk

I was just reading over on that Aaron Voros is a one of kind player in that he likes to bump and bang and drop the gloves and tell everyone all about it. says

"It would be tough to find a player in team history that takes as much joy in leveling a player or scoring a goal and then telling the opponent all about it."


This MN Wild Freak got to see firsthand how much Voros likes to jack his jaws when I went to the St Louis Blues Game on November 30th.  Every time Voros was on the ice, his lips were moving. He definitely has the gift of gab and he’s not afraid to use it.  His constant chatter or mostly shouting shows he has great passion for this game. Lemaire describes Voros energy in a press quote:

"He scores a goal, it’s like his first goal ever," said Wild Head Coach Jacques Lemaire. "He’s happy. When a linemate scores, it’s like his first goal ever. He’s great. He’s got a lot of life on the bench. He goes on the ice and does what he has to do."

I have played with guys like Voros before and sometimes it is inspiring, but the constant jaw jacking can get annoying too...then again I am a blogger so how can I judge? Perhaps Aaron Voros is a blogger, too...because bloggers always have something to say...especially in the state of hockey!