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New Wild Jersey

The Minnesota Wild has announced that they will have a new jersey design for the 2007/08 season. The new jerseys will be made of a more breathable fabric and will be more resistant to water absorption. The jersey maker, Reebok EDGE, spent more than two years in the NHL interviewing players and performing on-ice testing to develop the new design.

Wild fans can get their first look at the team’s 2007/08 jersey, beginning September 7th, at both the Xcel Energy Center and Mall of America Hockey Lodge stores. Fans can preorder jerseys or purchase them exclusively at Hockey Lodge stores beginning Friday, September 14th. Wild players will also be modeling the new jerseys at the Mall of America East Rotunda on Saturday, September 15th as part of the "State of Hockey Celebration."  I know this MN Wild Freak will brave the Mall to get a sneak peak of the new jerseys!

For more information on purchasing the new Wild jersey, fans are asked to call 651-726-8250.