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Josh Harding I-35W Bridge Tribute

Minnesota Wild Goalie Josh Harding is going to be sporting a brand new helmet this year. Hardings’ helmet is a tribute to the I-35W bridge disaster that happened on August 1st in Minneapolis. I haven’t seen the helmet, but I read that the bridge, the way it once looked, wraps both sides of the helmet and on the back is the I-35W insignia and the date, 8-1-07. Also on both sides of his helmet: Rascal Flatts and his band singing in Wild jerseys.

Very cool. I can’t wait to see the helmet in person.  I wonder if Josh Harding will hit Rascall Flatts up for autographs and/or special treatment when Rascal Flatts plays at the Xcel on 10/27/07.  I am sure Josh Harding could score some pretty sweet Rascal Flatts tickets, that is if he can make the show. The Wild will be playing on the road that week but maybe Harding will fly in for the concert. Harding is well known for sporting the breast cancer Fund the Fight helmet last year. The helmet had the traditional pink ribbon motif and was auctioned on ebay.