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Gaborik Most Eligible Twin Cities Bachelor

I saw in the Pioneer Press last week that Wild player Marion Gaborik was named Minneapolis-St Paul’s most eligible bachelor by Forbes magazine. OK, I didn’t really see the article, but my wife did – she thinks hockey players are "cute."  I think hockey players should be described as tough, not cute. However, I know there are plenty of women at Wild hockey games that are drooling at the players.

If you want to see Gabby representing the twin cities in Forbes, click here. When asked about his nomination, a blushing Gaborik just said, "I have a girlfriend."  I asked my wife what she thought was so great about Marion Gaborik and she just said it is because he is tall (6’1"), looks great in breezers (that’s her opinion anyway), he is talented (yes I agree there) and all of the interviews she has seen him do, he seems sweet (she has probably only seen him three times, but that was enough for her womanly instincts to tag him as a keeper). I agree Gaborik is a great hockey player and if he can stay healthy this year I will enjoy him being the face of the Minnesota Wild even if it is in Forbes magazine. Go Wild!

Shy Minnesota Wild Forward Marion Gaborik Named Twin Cities Top Bachelor