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Wild Roster Cuts

The Minnesota Wild cut training camp down to 36 players by assigning 13 players to training camp in Houston. The early cuts are always the easiest as you send young developing guys to sharpen their skills, but the remaining 36 are guys who legitimately have a chance to make the starting lineup, some of them have played in the NHL before. But, you can only have 23 players on Opening Day (Wild vs. Blackhawks October 4th), so 13 more guys will have to be cut.  

Former Gopher Danny Irmen was one of the players sent to Houston despite a strong showing at training camp. Irmen admits he was surprised by the early cut, but knows he needs to work hard and not worry about being called up. Many players that cut early still make it to the starting bench. For example, Wyatt Smith was cut early last year and ended up playing most of the season with the Wild.

Sent down were: Danny Irmen, forwards Cal Clutterbuck, Roman Voloshenko, Steve Kelly, Morten Madsen, Moises Gutierrez and Joel Ward; defensemen Clayton Stoner, Paul Albers, Jeff May and Frederic St. Denis; and goaltender Barry Brust...See ya later boys!