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NHL Division Realignment Still a Fantasy

I think many Minnesota Wild fans were hoping that when the NHL’s board of governors met last Tuesday they would talk about division realignment. Let’s face it, border battles create intense rivalries and increase revenue, but the meeting was all about scheduling and nothing about division assignments. The Wild would like to see the divisions realigned into something that suits them regionally. In the Northwest Division, the Wild's closest rival is Colorado, and they also make four trips a season to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. If they aren’t going to put Minnesota with Chicago, Detroit and St Louis, they might as well just rename our division the Canadian West Division.

On the positive side, the NHL has finally come to terms with the fact that fans are tired of seeing the same four teams eight times. I am sick and tired of playing Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Colorado EIGHT times, it’s just too many. It also looks like the new scheduling format will allow us to play more Eastern Conference teams.

Wild defenseman Keith Carney said:

"I understand why the schedule is what it is, to try to develop more rivalries within the division and the conference, but I think it's beneficial to play more of the Eastern teams. From a fan's standpoint I think its better. I think we should play everybody in the league, like we used to."

I agree Mr. Carney, let’s see the Wild take down some Eastern teams at the "X"! Let’s go Wild!