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State of Hockey Celebration at MOA

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I didn’t write about this before and I am not sure why, but the Minnesota Wild held a State of Hockey Celebration at the Mall of America on Saturday, September 15 – I didn’t get a chance to go and I was bitter so maybe that’s why I skipped blogging about it. However it has come to my attention that the Twin Cities hottest bachelor, Marian Gaborik, is auctioning off a brand new Reebok jersey that he signed while at the MOA. In fact it is the actual jersey he modeled for Wild fans and general mall gawkers. The current bid is $550. Check out Gaboriks Jersey here.

Mark Parrish also modeled the red Wild home jersey and auctioned it off at the mall for $365. Want to buy a new red home jersey before opening night? Head to the Hockey Lodge at the MOA or the Xcel Energy Center. Prices are $120 without a name or number and $180 with a name and number. Like Ebay? a new Wild red jersey is about $95, white jersey $85.