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Draft Wild Players in your Fantasy League

With the opening of NHL training camps just around the corner, there is plenty of buzz about fantasy NHL hockey picks. Smart team "owners" will definitely draft a few Minnesota Wild players. I would expect Wild Right Wings Marion Gaborik and Pavol Demitra to be picked early as well as the Wild team leader Brian Rolston and don’t forget top notch Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom. To help all of you make your fantasy hockey picks, here is a list of the team leaders from the 2006/07 Minnesota Wild Regular Season:

Want to pick a darkhorse?  I will be drafting Kim Johnsson. Last season, Johnsson underperformed with the Wild, but he has a history of being a very productive defenseman. He may be risky, but this MN Wild Freak doesn’t think Kim Johnsson will have two bad years in a row. Good luck with your picks!