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New Wild Jersey

The Minnesota Wild, like many NHL teams, has unveiled their new RBK Jerseys. The white road jersey looks very similar to the "old" design, however the red and gold trim running from the chest down the arm looks a little bit skinnier than last years model. The road jersey still features the big Wild head in the center and the Wild script on the sleeve.  

The Wild home jersey is now the team's Iron Range Red home sweater with a gold neck line. It is solid red from top to bottom with the exception of the green fabric block on the sleeves and the wheat colored line on the shoulders. The home jersey chest logo is the round Minnesota Wild logo with the smaller Wild head in the center.  

It looks like the old familr green Minnesota Wild jersey is gone for now and I have to admit the green jersey was one of my favorites. There will be no third or alternate jersey this year under the agreement with the RBK Edge uniform system. However, I am sure next year there will be a new Wild sweater to reignite fans into buying Wild apparel. I think it would be cool to see a black Minnesota Wild jersey like the one they wear in training camp.

It’s no secret that Minnesota Wild fans spend crazy amounts of money on Wild wear especially jerseys so I am confident the Wild will make all of their sales hurdles in 2007/08 and I look forward to seeing the Wild fans decked out in their new bright red jerseys! I will be sure to get a crowd picture and post it for all of my fans! Go Wild!