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Minnesota Wild Tickets

The Minnesota Wild has a ticket on-sale countdown clock on their home page. Many Minnesota Wild fans know that you have to camp outside of the Xcel Energy Center the night before if you have any chance at getting tickets for the really hot games. Minnesota Wild tickets are a definite hot commodity in this state – I would equate the Wild to the Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Now, before all of the Green Bay Packer fans start leaving me messages, I know you have to be born into Packers season tickets and the waiting list for Wild season tickets is years, not decades. Even still, Wild tickets are a hot commodity that is much desired and very treasured by Minnesota hockey fans.

If you are like me and you hate waiting in line for anything, especially tickets, there are plenty of ticket brokers that have tickets for sale to any Wild game.  In fact, I was on West 7th in St Paul the other day and saw that local ticket broker, Ticket King, is planning on opening an office just a few doors down from the Xcel.  I am sure the St Paul office will give Ticket King a leg up on any online competitors.  I have bought tickets from Ticket King before and although I pay a little more for the Minnesota Wild tickets, I know I can get tickets to any game and I don’t have to wait forever in line months ahead of time.  I usually buy extra tickets last minute when my buddies all decide that they want to see a Wild game and Ticket King has always come through.  With the Minnesota scalping law repealed I suspect Ticket King will get plenty of Minnesota Wild business because hockey is hotter than ever in the state of hockey!